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xCLAVEx 08-31-02 12:51 AM

Which do you think would be faster, Geforce 3 or Radeon 9000?
The geforce 3 would be clocked at 230/500.
The radeon 9000 at whatever it's default clocks are.

Which would be faster would you say? I'm going to post the same thing over at rage3d and compare the results.

PreservedSwine 08-31-02 01:10 AM

I'm thinking the Geforce 3- but I havn't checked any reviews. They should be pretty close, but I think the Geforce3 is a little faster:)

It is the Ti200 you're comparing too, right?:confused:

xCLAVEx 08-31-02 01:18 AM

Well the geforce 3 comes about dead even with the 8500 on the performance front, and I know the 9700 is faster but I don't know much about the 9000 and there are no reviews comparing it to anything but a gf4mx :/. That's why I am asking.

Fotis 08-31-02 01:31 AM

Radeon 8500 is faster than radeon 9000 pro.Geforce 3 ti 500(240/500clocks)is a bit faster than radeon 8500.Did I answer your question?:)

Lezmaka 08-31-02 01:45 AM

I bet there would be a few areas/games where the 9000 would be faster, but the gf3 should be faster overall.

SlyBoots 08-31-02 02:38 AM

9000 Pro seems to hold it's own

in this review anyway, ok overclock @ 300/620

Gator 08-31-02 09:08 AM

9000 would be a lil faster at 250mhz, but the 9000 is a cripled version of the 8500. You're better off with the 9000Pro at 275mhz and its better design...or of course a cheap GF4 TI4200 ;)

Radeon 9000 = $79 = cheap price, yuck performance
Radeon 9000Pro = $85 = cheap price, decent performance
GeForce3 TI500 = $100 = decent price, good performance
GeForce4 TI4200 = $123 = decent price, great performance

as you can see, the 9000 & GF3 are not worth it, because for a couple dollars more you get much better performance

Fotis 08-31-02 10:03 AM

You know Gator not all people live in US.I don't think you can find a gf4 ti 4200 for 130$.:( The lowest price here is about 190$.
Geforce3 ti 500(100$) is the fastest card after gf4 ti 4200 and it got a really nice boost in performance with the new det's especially in vertex&pixels shaders.!!:D

xCLAVEx 09-01-02 07:03 PM

Ok, I read a couple reviews and it seems the gf3 still smears over the 9000...especially at Ti500 clock speeds so they were able to answer my question. Thanks anyway and keep voting if you haven't yet. Curious how many out there would think a 9000 is faster lol.

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