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mr_dinu 07-29-02 09:09 AM

I can't get the AGP to work
I've installed the NVIDIA linux drivers ... everything seems to work fine but the AGP is disabled (I've took a look on file /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status and all I can see is "Status: disabled" )
I did specify into XF86Config to enable the AGP option ... but it doesn't work.

I have Slackware 8.1 and a GeForce 2 MX 400 on a motherboard with AGP 4x, VIA chipset.

If you can give me some hints I'll apreciate !


Thunderbird 07-29-02 09:13 AM

After you start X for the first time after a reboot, AGP gets initialized. If you didn't launch X yet, it is disabled.

Normally when you don't use the NvAGP option AGP gets enabled. (it defaults to 1 I thought)

First check the first thing I said.

mr_dinu 07-29-02 09:31 AM

Re: I can't get the AGP to work
Thank you for your prompt answer, Thunderbird.
My nvidia driver is loaded dinamicly when my X starts. ( I'm using /et/cmodules.conf) and of course I took a look at /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status after my X started.
I've also manually edited my XF86Config and added "option NvAGP "3" " ... which means (as I know) try using "agpgart" and if it fails use nvidia agp driver.

Do you think I should delete this option from XF86Config ?


Thunderbird 07-29-02 09:34 AM

The NvAGP option isn't that bad. Check your xfree86 log file or /var/log/messages why it doesn't want to use AGP.

mr_dinu 07-30-02 02:15 AM

I did check the /var/log/messages last night and I couldn't see to much. It tells me that NVIDIA driver was loaded with warnings and then it mentions about "agpgart" version ... and that's it. It doesn't tell me if agpgart was successfully loaded or not. But if I take a look again at /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status I see the same thing " Status: disabled" .
Also, I've tried last night to use option "NvAGP "1" ... but the result is the same and in /var/log/messages , all I can see is that NVIDIA driver was loaded with warnings.

The BIOS has enabled AGP 4x.

Where could be the problem ?

mr_dinu 07-30-02 12:02 PM

I took a look at : /var/log/XFree86.0.log and I saw this warning:

"(WW) NVIDIA(0): Failed to verify AGP usage"

The other files look like:
"Status: Disabled"

Fast Writes: Not Supported
SBA: Not Supported
AGP Rates: 4x 2x 1x
Registers: 0x1f000007:0x00000000

( I don't know why Fast Writes is not supported , my BIOS has this option enabled and the AGP rate is 4x )


Host Bridge: Via (unknown)
Fast Writes: Supported
SBA: Supported
AGP Rates: 4x 2x 1x
Registers: 0x1f000217:0x00000000


alias char-major-195 NVdriver
options NVdriver NVreg_EnableVia4x=1
options NVdriver NVreg_EnableAGPFW=1
and my /etc/X11/XF86Config has

option "NvAGP" "3"

Any idea what's the problem ?


Thunderbird 07-30-02 12:55 PM

What Via chipset are you using? It seems the drivers don't recognize it yet. Or the chipset is too new or you are using old drivers.

(Don't play with 4x AGP and FW if AGP isn't working at all, it makes it very very unstable. Fast Writes and SBA are disabled because of stability reasons)

mr_dinu 07-31-02 02:32 AM

My chipset is VIA P4X266A .

Yesterday, I had the idea to "insmod agpgart option try_unsupported=1" ... or something like that and after that I started the X server ... and surprise ... the AGP works. (I saw it /var/log/XF86Config.0.log "AGP: Successfully initialased" and again in /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status "AGP:4x .... ")

So , I don't know what's the conclusion ... my chipset is not supported or is t new and there is no driver for it yet ...

Thank you for helping me !

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