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Bicka 06-30-09 11:31 AM

GTX295 only showing single GPU.
Okay so I bought a EVGA GTX295 3 months ago from Overclockers.co.uk, got a fault after 2 months and RMA'd it.

Recently gotten the replacement model back, but its only showing 1 display device under device manager and 1 gpu in evga precision.

Am I being thick or is this card goosed before I've even had a chance to use it?

By the way the card was in a terrible condition, the metal bracket was bent almost 45 degrees and the box looks like its been kicked all over. Digusting, considering the one I sent back was pristine.

Recently upgraded to Windows 7 RC 7232, with a corsair TX 850W ATX SLI Compliant PSU. Can't see this making a difference over the device manager though.
Any input would be welcome.

jAkUp 06-30-09 01:21 PM

Re: GTX295 only showing single GPU.
Is multi-GPU enabled?

Can you send me an email with your serial number jacobf@evga.com

jeong 07-01-09 01:43 AM

Re: GTX295 only showing single GPU.
I had this problem also w/ 182.50 driver a while ago. It was weird b/c all other drivers showed 4 gpus, so what I would do is try other drivers. If that doesn't work, reinstall Vista/W7 after formatting your HDD. If that fails then try your card on a different machine to make sure it's the card not the mobo or anything else.

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