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esir 07-04-09 06:10 AM

Need Advice for GTX260
Hi guys,i wanna replace my old 8800GTX with a GTX260.
I couldnt decided which one better for me,need some advice :o
In my country i cant get EVGA so i choose the two vendor..

first one Asus GTX260 TOP

Secon one Sparkle Calibre X265

Price are almost the same :) Give some ideas :captnkill:

XDanger 07-04-09 07:06 AM

Re: Need Advice for GTX260
The cooler on the calibre looks interesting, How does it perform with some OC'ing?
Gotta love those graphs...

Misrepresentation ftw

esir 07-04-09 07:16 AM

Re: Need Advice for GTX260
Calibre is very new card and i cant find any article about the OC.Card already have factory oc and looks promising.According the Sparkle card is overclockable but who knows ?

PS:I am already excited about sparkle :)

XDanger 07-04-09 07:19 AM

Re: Need Advice for GTX260
I'd go for whatever is cheapest then slap an accelero on it later.

esir 07-04-09 07:31 AM

Re: Need Advice for GTX260
Sparkle 12$ cheapest than Asus.I think i go for Sparkle,i need little time for last consideration;)

XDanger 07-04-09 07:51 AM

Re: Need Advice for GTX260
The asus is probably a better binned part but meh.

john19055 07-07-09 09:45 PM

Re: Need Advice for GTX260
The asus to me might be a better brand in my eyes ,but the Sparkle Calibre X265
seems to be the better deal.

Blacklash 07-07-09 10:00 PM

Re: Need Advice for GTX260
I'd get the cheapest one and use something like EVGA Precision to OC. Set the fan to about 50-55% when you game and temps should be fine.

Crow_Nest 07-08-09 04:19 AM

Re: Need Advice for GTX260
Sparkle's cooler seems better and its cheaper too. Ive always thought Asus overpriced their graphics cards anyway.

esir 07-13-09 08:45 PM

Re: Need Advice for GTX260
Thanks for all kind helps guys..I have some bad news i cant get GTX260.I want buy GTX260 with a new lcd and i buyed Acer P243W @ that night my asus mobo just died and i have to buy new one gigabyte X48-DS5.
I dont have extra cash for GTX260 now but want that card asap more than ever because of my new lcd native res.
Thanks again guys youre the best ;)

Edit:there are some pros with my gigabyte board first try and cpu @3.2 :)

chris89 07-17-09 05:52 AM

Re: Need Advice for GTX260
GTX260s will run hot unless u have fans blowing directly on the card. My card idles at 50 Degrees Celsius in 3d mode using dual screens. It's locked in 3d mode in dual view mode. Anyway i have it unclocked to 310/648 i believe in the 3d profile and fan at 45% (hardly noticable). Anyway at default 3d clocks @ 621-1296-1080 u can run 60% fan and stay under 70 degrees celsius. Overclocked to 710-1458-1250 I run 90% fan to keep it under 70 and achieve around 10+fps difference from default clocks. The memory clock is what made the biggest difference in 3dmark vantage. By the way i'm running MSI OC GTX260.

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