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Dark Jedi 06-18-03 08:34 AM

Abit Siluro FX5800: A worthwhile buy?
Looking to scout for some thoughts/opinions on whether I should buy one of these cards.

The one review I've seen thus far @ Nordichardware seems to suggest it's one of the better 5800 boards, with a good cooling solution and great overclocking potential :)

Now... the only thing is that the cheapest I can source one of these boards in the UK is 266, which I think is maybe a little pricey (I paid 229 for my R9700Pro)

So... just looking for some advice... any help greatly appreciated. :D

Pafet 06-18-03 09:04 AM

What, you want both of'em ??
My friend had the same dilemma but BEFORE buying anything...
If you decide to buy it it would be great if you could compare them head to head.

anyway, it now seems that 9700pro is by far a better choice, no?
only reason to think about 5800 is if DOOM3 games will really get that much of a boost over ATI like the OLD benchies (lol benchies)

Dark Jedi 06-18-03 09:10 AM

Both of em?... I wish
Not both of them (much as I would like to have both of them... )

Your advice seems sound on the R9700 though, it may be best to wait and see before I make any silly decisions... and to be honest, Doom 3 doesn't excite me as much as it did, not with Half Life 2 on the way *drools* :D

prodikal 06-18-03 10:25 AM

Its a good 5800 i hear that its a lot quieter than some other 5800s.

Dark Jedi 06-18-03 10:59 AM

A LOT quieter from what I read...

Plus it's a good overclocker, apparently. OC's to Ultra speeds with little fuss...

Most other people I've spoken to bout this reckon I'd be mad to change (although all are willing to take my Radeon off my hands if I decided to change :D )

Pafet 06-18-03 11:10 AM

My guess is, that whatever the app. that will run faster on nVidia, wont be slow enough on 9700pro to make the fuss of replacing videocards wortwhile.
You know, if it ain't broken, blah blah blah bs bs bs

BTW it is 9700 PRO right?

Dark Jedi 06-18-03 11:14 AM

Yep, it's a Pro...

That old addage might apply "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"

My sys is running fine atm... probably don't need to change at all.

Oh well... thnx for the help guys. :D :D

solofly 06-18-03 11:30 AM

A7N8X rev2 and XP2400 isn't fast enough for you? Mind you cheap Tbred B XP1700 would be I what would consider. ;) Now I have a question for you... Why would you want to switch from 9700p to 5800np? Just wanna know...

Dark Jedi 06-18-03 11:36 AM

To be honest... I'm not sure I can answer that. I'm quite happy with the 9700p, s'pose I just fancied seeing what the opposition had to offer... but from the advice so far, not a lot. Maybe I've just got too much money to spend... (not) ;)

solofly 06-18-03 11:43 AM


Originally posted by Dark Jedi
Maybe I've just got too much money to spend... (not) ;)
How about some Corsair XMS then...;)

Dark Jedi 06-18-03 01:07 PM

You mean these babies?


(link to uk site where I buy most of my kit from :D )

Had seriously considered it, also pump my processor up to a 3000+... :)

Then I'll be able to leave my AA+AF on all the time ;)

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