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Tsunami 06-18-03 02:45 PM

Not gonna make friends on this forum for this
sorry to waste your time but how do you put pictures in the poster information left of your post

P.S why the hell does it say i have a riva tnt card? how irritating i have a 3d blaster 4 ti 4600

Dark Jedi 06-18-03 02:49 PM

It's under the edit options section when you click "user cp" button. At the bottom is the option to set up your avatar... in there you can insert a picture.

vampireuk 06-18-03 02:51 PM

Yup, the limits are 80x80 and some maximum kb size that I don't remember:D

The tnt text goes off your post count, the more posts you get the better the card is under your name. Of course you can change this in your options too and add whatever text you like.:)

p.s moved to feedback:D

poursoul 06-18-03 03:36 PM

you can only change the text after about 50 or so posts though. Very annoying.

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