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Radea 06-18-03 10:22 PM

NVIDIA: Will you honor your audio features?
One of the major selling points of the nForce/2 was its spectacular audio; it is just that under Windows. The current state of NVIDIA's audio drivers leave much to be desired. Can anyone give us a proper estimate one when we can get the simplest of features enabled, such as hardware mixing, so we're not left with an audio card forced to output 1 audio source at a time.

I am hoping that support arives soon, because these are simple features supported in the hardware; it shouldnt be that hard to get simple software mixing working.

dom521 06-20-03 02:56 PM

I sure won't honor these features. Would be nice to have more than one PCM channel, which the windows driver supports. Not only can I not use more than one channel, the single channel is also busy most of the time, not mentioning quicktime having sound problems with Opera and Mozilla (unless high pitched voice is the new technology). Maybe one day :)

dom521 06-20-03 02:58 PM

Sorry, not quicktime, i mean the flash plugin.

bahamot 06-29-03 06:16 AM

yeah, nforce 1/2 audio support in linux is really bad!
i really like a oldy cheapo Yamaha sound card than "Soundstorm" in linux!!
wasting hardware capability i say!

criminala 06-29-03 02:31 PM

i can only get sound trough my analog output or headphones , i connected my shuttle sn45G to my amp with the SPDIF(optical) wire . anyone that got this working ??

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