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NaitoSan 07-17-09 04:40 PM

Steam Weekend Deal (7/17) - Brothers in Arms 50-60% off!
This weekend only, save 50% on any of the Brothers in Arms games, including the latest critical hit, Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway.

Or buy them all together in the Brothers in Arms Pack and save a total of 60%!

Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 - $4.99
Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood - $4.99
Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway - $14.99

Brothers in Arms Pack - $19.99


IMO, not a bad deal... I might get the pack since I don't have any of those.

K-1 07-17-09 05:50 PM

Re: Steam Weekend Deal (7/17) - Brothers in Arms 50-60% off!
I bought both Road to Hill 30 and Earned In Blood on release day, so I hope you will give it some consideration when I say that I really don't recommend either of those two games.

RtH 30 suffers from terrible AI (enemy soldiers would basically never move unless scripted to), same-y level design (you see the same pieces of cover repeated constantly through the game), and a game design that felt more like a puzzle game than a tactical war game (there is almost always just one successful way to flank the enemy, and when you do flank the enemy there is always a very convenient log or something to hide behind so you can safely shoot the enemy in the bum).

EiB was better; enemy AI actually responded to your actions and level designs felt more natural and open. There was still, however, a lot of recycled elements from the first game. Certainly an improvement over RtH30 though.

With Hell's Highway, however, Gearbox nailed the gameplay. Enemy AI is responsive, level design feel natural and open, the weapons perform much better; I mean just overall it really feels like you're commanding a squad in the field and having to constantly adjust tactics to respond to the situation (as opposed to the first two games where it felt more like you simply needed to figure out the 'trick' to winning). Definitely the best game in the series though I must say that the story and the cut scenes are some of the most hilariously over-dramatic things I have ever seen.

fasedww 07-17-09 06:19 PM

Re: Steam Weekend Deal (7/17) - Brothers in Arms 50-60% off!
downloading the pack right now:D

CaptNKILL 07-18-09 01:40 AM

Re: Steam Weekend Deal (7/17) - Brothers in Arms 50-60% off!
I bought Hell's Highway not too long ago. Haven't played it yet though.

I skipped the first one though.

Is it worth grabbing it with the expansion for $10? I've heard that the story and characters carry over from the first game to the second, and I'd like to not miss that... but if the game isn't good, I won't bother.

nekrosoft13 07-18-09 01:42 AM

Re: Steam Weekend Deal (7/17) - Brothers in Arms 50-60% off!
never was a fan of BiA games

Kaguya 07-21-09 01:30 AM

Re: Steam Weekend Deal (7/17) - Brothers in Arms 50-60% off!
I picked this up over the weekend as well... I wasn't sure what I'd think of them as I'm not a huge fan of micro-managing troops while I'm also battling for my life, but after having already finished the first one, I'm pleasantly surprised.

The graphics haven't held out that well, but the gameplay and audio (edit: by audio I mean the gun sounds) are excellent. I didn't really get into the story as much as I'd hoped... I sort of got what was happening, but I didn't get that attached to the characters as they are mostly anonymous in battle saying the same standard thing over and over. Even Left 4 Dead characters have more flushed out in-game dialogue - I actually care that Francis hates vans, but I couldn't care when a buddy died.

Still, I have high hopes for the other two (especially the latest with all the great combat plus graphics).

crainger 07-21-09 05:45 AM

Re: Steam Weekend Deal (7/17) - Brothers in Arms 50-60% off!
Audio was pretty good, not as good as Bad Company, but still pretty good.

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