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StealthHawk 06-19-03 01:16 AM

DXTC On GeForceFX Cards
Back when the gf4 was originally released, we heard from some sites like Tom's Hardware that DXTC support was fixed on nvidia cards. However, people in the forums posted shots from Quake3 which showed that the dithering in the sky with DXTC enabled was not as bad as it was with a gf3 card, but it still paled in comparison to the image quality of the sky with DXTC off. Now, this discussion was back before the forums were wiped, so I'm not sure how many people remember it.

Anyone with a GeForceFX card, please investigate this issue! Look at the Quake3 sky with texture compression off, then enable texture compression and see if the sky looks the same. Please post screenshots of before/after.

I am very interested in finding out if this issue was ever really fixed or not, it seems like everyone else forgot about it :(

Kruno 06-19-03 01:18 AM

Also the DXTC issue in Quake 3 never occured on a Linux based OS. Is that still the case?

DSC 06-19-03 02:09 AM

The DXT1 issue that affects GF256/GF2/GF3/GF4 should be tested on the FX cards. I'm also interested to see if this is fixed or not.

Tsunami 06-19-03 02:43 AM

Normal texture compression has alot of quality loss but DXTC is a compression file that obviously compresses but doesn't have the loss of quality that normal compression has (is this correct although i know what DXTC is i never really compared the difference)

i'm getting a geforce fx 5900 ultra tuesday i'll let you know :eek: :angel: :afro2:

Deathlike2 06-19-03 02:46 AM

Quick parody to Chicken Little:

FanATIcs: The sky is blurry! The sky is blurry!

Hmm.. I wonder though too..

DSC 06-23-03 10:15 PM


No one has any info on this? :o

The Baron 06-23-03 10:20 PM

I will try it tomorrow.

Typedef Enum 06-24-03 01:44 AM

My gut feeling tells me that nVidia made about as many changes to DXTC as they did to the Antialiasing technology...In short, it's the same. Just a feeling, as I don't have an Fx board to test.

Lfctony 06-24-03 03:13 AM

I don't think they've fixed anything. This is on a GFFX 5800 with the 44.03 drivers set on Quality. No AF/AA.

This is WITHOUT Texture Compression

This is WITH Texture Compression

This is also WITH Texture Compression


StealthHawk 06-24-03 04:22 AM

I think those screenshots resemble the gf4's. That was a long time ago, so maybe it is better...but it still obviously decreases quality :(

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to do the comparison and post the screenshots :thumbsup: We'll see what other people turn up too, it will probably corroborate what you've shown.

Kruno 06-24-03 04:29 AM


I think those screenshots resemble the gf4's.
Well that NV3x's IQ looks exactly like the NV2x lines. ;)

StealthHawk 06-24-03 04:31 AM


Originally posted by K.I.L.E.R
Well that NV3x's IQ looks exactly like the NV2x lines. ;)
No, that DXTC quality was supposedly fixed on the gf4 over the gf3, when in actuality it wasn't. Although gf4 did look better than gf3 when using DXT1.

The problem was, of course, that Tom took a screenshot of Quake3 with DXTC enabled with both a gf3 and gf4. The gf4 screenshot looked better, and he pronounced it fixed. What he didn't do was compare the DXTC shot to the non-DXTC shot for a point of reference :p Well, I don't think Tom wrote the review, but whoever did.

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