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mworld 06-19-03 04:51 AM

nVidia driver in freebsd + AC97 crashes
I use an Epox 8K5A3+ board and a Ti4400. When I start X-windows with the AC97 turned on in the bios X will crash and lock up the system after a short period of time, but when onboard AC97 is disabled it does not crash at all, OR when I use the Xfree86 nv driver the system does not crash. I have had this experience with both FreeBSD 4.8 and FreeBSD 5.1.

At first I though it may be an IRQ conflict or something, but this does not appear to be the case. Has anyone else had similar problems ?

mworld 06-19-03 06:01 AM

X does not load at all now ?
I installed FreeBSD 5.0, updated it to 5.1-CURRENT, installed the nvdia driver, loaded the kernel module, configuered XF86Config. It loaded X, showed the Nvidia logo. I ran quake 3, it ran just fine. I ran tuxracer fine. After a reboot I can no longer get X to load!! No matter what I do now it will not load X.

mworld 06-20-03 08:12 AM

ok, I have to use FreeBSD AGP to make it work ;)

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