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mps_user 07-22-09 05:46 PM

NVIDIA 190.16 beta for Solaris - causes reboot
We just got a Boxx W2600 laptop (rebadged Clevo D900F) with 3.067 GHz Intel i7 processor and 12GB of RAM. It has an NVIDIA GTX-280M video board. We hoped to install Solaris on it and this morning the NVIDIA driver tool pointed to the release of the 190.16 beta for this video board.

Our prior attempts at installing Solaris 10 update 7 using the built in drivers resulted in the screen going to black when the login screen should appear. Examination of Xorg.0.log and messages files didn't point to any obvious problems. An install attempt of Solaris Express build 117 with built in drivers allowed display of the login screen and occasionally would allow logging in, though usually Gnome would not display -- just got a black screen after login -- again no obvious errors in log files.

Tried the 190.16 beta for Solaris and it's results are a bit worse. When the login screen is about to display the system reboots. No obvious error messages and no message indicating a system panic. It's just like the power was cycled on the system.

I submited a trouble report. I'm thinking this may be similar to the black screen/hang problem being reported in the linux forums.

zander 07-23-09 07:22 AM

Re: NVIDIA 190.16 beta for Solaris - causes reboot
Yes, this is most likely the same problem as the one reported here: http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=136143.

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