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ATOJAR 07-23-09 02:24 PM

GTX 295 problem.
Guys theres two mates of my mates both have BFG GTX 296 graaphics cards, Now they say when they play cod 4 they get back screen flickering ... Now this flickering only last for a few seconds but happens the whole map, they have sli enabled in the nvidia control pannel & also have multi gpu enabled in the cod4 settings .. they are both running the latest 190.38 drivers installed.

Any help please?

john19055 08-14-09 03:52 AM

Re: GTX 295 problem.
How they tried it without multi gpu being enable in the game settings ,plus did it run alright on the last driver set.

azanon 08-14-09 06:55 PM

Re: GTX 295 problem.
I have a new Zotac GTX 295 and noticed screen flickering in the games I was trying. On GIRD, screen flickering went away when I enabled Vsync in the game. I haven't gotten around to confirming if that's going to resolve it on the other games once I enable Vsync in the global drivers.

Figure I might as well have it on since my LCD has a standard 60hz refresh.

(edit) Vsynch seems to have fixed all my glitching. Hope that works for you!

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