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cooldude 07-23-09 10:39 PM

Trying to Get an DVI to HDMI output to look good on a GTS 250
I recently built a new system and I also got a DVI to HDMI converter with it.

I have a Sony HD TV that has a PC Input (D-sub) and a HDMI Input. When I use a DVI to D-Sub converter along with the respective cable I get an okay image on the 26" 720p TV screen, however when I use the HDMI line I can't seem to lock into a resolution that makes the text acceptable. Videos play beautifully when they are in a native aspect ratio but text and general use looks crummy.

I've even tried going into the NVIDIA control panel and forcing the TV's resolution to no luck.

The only useful thing I've found is dropping the refresh rate to 29 hz vs 60 makes a better image.

The card is a 250 GTS
The CPU is q9550
The OS is Vista Business 64 bit

Any Help be appreciated because I paid for this snazzy HDMI cable and converter that make a poorer signal than a cable that's 12 years old.

seeker 07-23-09 11:07 PM

Re: Trying to Get an DVI to HDMI output to look good on a GTS 250
You're doing better than I did, because all that I could get on a DVI-HDMI connection was a black screen.

seeker 07-24-09 09:13 PM

Re: Trying to Get an DVI to HDMI output to look good on a GTS 250
I just got a response from Acer support about a question along these lines, which I posed about a different monitor of their's that I'm considering buying. Here was their answer:


Acer H243H bmid Monitor have three type of signal out - VGA, DVI (HDCP), HDMI
You can connect VGA - VGA, DVI - DVI, HDMI - HDMI ports.

You cannot connect DVI-HDMI port as both signal outputs are different. HDMI will carry audio as well as video signals.
This leaves me wondering if this is only true with Acer, because you did get it to work on your's...Even if not as desired. If this is generally not usable between video card and monitor, then it seems to me that DVI-HDMI cables are a ripofff, because I can't think of any other devices to connect to a monitor with them. Apparently, you also a a converter which is separate from the cable, which I'm not familiar with. Is it simply and adapter or something more?

seeker 07-25-09 01:34 AM

Re: Trying to Get an DVI to HDMI output to look good on a GTS 250
Despite what Acer told me, I'm wondering if the root of the problem is the monitor's drivers? Wandering around the Acer website, I found monitor drivers for my LCD, which I hadn't installed, because my old CRT monitor never needed them, and the manufacturer never had one specifically for my monitor anyway.

When I went to install the driver, I found that there were 3 of them, the first only labeled by the monitor's model number, the second labeled digital (which I installed) and the last labeled HDMI...since installing the digital driver the display is definitely crisper.

This leaves me wondering if I can only install one driver, or all 3? I'm mentioning this because it might be related to the reason that the text portion of your display is fuzzy...I don't really know. Without confirmation from someone else, I'm reluctant to attempt to add more drivers to this OS, but when I get around to it, I'm going to try the HDMI driver on another OS that I have installed, that I'm less concerned with messing up. I'll let you know what happens, unless you solve this for yourself first.

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