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seeker 07-26-09 12:38 AM

Video Codex
I'm having a bit of a problem properly displaying cable HDTV on my FusionHDTV tuner/player. I've been looking for the root cause, but have ruled out most things that I have thought of. Sometimes the video freezes, while the audio stutters, sometimes the audio is normal, but the video becomes fuzzy or blocky, and then at other times everything is just fine.

At first I suspected my cable connection, because I can't afford a very high speed connection, but after fiddling with this some, it seems to be more to do with the video codex that I have set in the configuration. I only have two choices, either a unified codex, which I assume that was installed with the video player software and another which is Nero HD 8, which must have been installed with my burner software, but I only have OEM, so Nero Showtime is not operable. In Fusion's download section, there is a note that says that it will use the PowerDVD 8 codex, if it is stalled prior to Fusion, but that would cost me ~$99, which I would rather not spend, unless I felt that it would definitely be an improvement.

The thing that is confusing is that the configuration that works best one time, doesn't work well the next. I'm wondering if their are other codeces that would be better...and preferably cheaper.

EDIT: I have to update this, because when I posted it, I had used it much in W7 x64, which compared to the XP x64 installation...it's almost perfect. No stuttering, blocks and so far, no crashes. Since there is no difference in hardware, tuner software or available codeces, the problem must be due to some kind of compatability with XP, but that is rather odd, because this card was released long before W7, so I'm still confused. Any suggestions to iron out the XP wrinkles would be appreciated.

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