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Hellfire.SWE 07-26-09 06:45 PM

Crysis installation/backup
I have used Norton Ghost for many years to do backups of a relatively small OS-partition, c: 15 GB but only used 7 GB, and had almost all applications and games on d: and it worked very well. As years passed I bought a new computer and it had support for Intel Matrix Raid 0 + 5, and had 3 x 500GB Seagate and setup 120GB Raid 0 volume c: very fast slice 300MB/sec, and 850B Raid 5 volume d: slow but "safe".

I had to change my usual ghost backup strategy as I wanted to have that performance for a few new games and installed them on c: but todays games are quite harddiskhungry so ghost backups of 100 GB would take alot of space and time if you do several.

I then did it another way by copying the installed directory of Crysis to d: (lets call it d-copy) and deleted them from c: as it usually is only a few files that changes, if you look at the filesize, and the ghostfiles were down from 100GB in size to 7-8 GB.

Well, to make make a long story short, my Raid 0 + 5 crashed and I'm not into that Raid crap again and have just 1TB with c: d: and was going to do a ghost in the same way now I got Crysis installed and some nice config as I renamed the its game folder and used the old "D-copy" from before the crash and it work well but it is different compared the new installation folder of Crysis, with all patches etc,

...I noticed that the old Crysis ghost image had the same file size but the file content was different when I did a file compare.
I had not noticed this before the crash but is normal for Crysis?

As I have been doing this for years manually and other games always had the same content, doing file size compare only on a few files, and the games worked.

I guess I must be some difference and that it sooner or later will tell so is it back to wasting 6 GB extra for each Ghost backup to be sure it is in a safe config?

Hellfire.SWE 07-26-09 07:48 PM

Re: Crysis installation/backup
I'm going to do a "D-copy" now of Crysis, but this manual file size and content, copy, delete, new folders, ghost etc takes alot of time and its easy to miss some folders or just look at the filesize.

I have been looking for a backupprogram that smarter than just "incremental" backups as they just stck up alot of space. Are there better backup methods and programs?

In this case it looks like a "incremental" backup would suit this case but I don't know will maybe test the renamed folder again and see if Crysis alter the file content.

Hellfire.SWE 07-26-09 08:58 PM

Re: Crysis installation/backup
Another thing, it was weird when I had installed Crysis and all patches etc and started it I just crashed to the desktop, and the in one .log file it said something like "[Error] Runaway thread". I tried to start Crysis several times, same thing, then I copied the old "D-copy" but it did the same. I was like huh, what now? but as it was a new istallation of windows XP and new forceware 185.85 but the settings was set to "determined by application" in Riva Tuner and I thought the Crysis game engine would handle it.

At the time the desktop was 1280x960 which I almost always use and use it in Crysis too, then I thought maybe a default 1024x768 will help as a "Runaway thread" sounds like it has too much to do, and guess what, it did the trick and know work great with both Crysis folders.

2) Though I haven't tried the "D-copy" and its "My Games/Crysis" folder on the new installation yet.

btw, my sig is my old old asus computer, have a Gigabyte P35-DQ6, Q6600 @3.2 GHz, 4 GB DDR2 @800Mhz, XFX 8800 GTS 320 Fatal1ty etc now.

edit: I have now tested the 2) and it works better now and better framerates, the "Awakening" map had no flickering textures or other stuff that alomst made it stall some times before. So I guess the "old backup" is pretty much useless as it introduces some problems that makes some maps unplayable.

So know I know it's better to install the game and then copy in the saved "My Games" folder and it will be fine.

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