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ashleyg 08-31-02 11:28 AM

Im Stuck Need Help Please
firstly i have installed the kernel and GLX files for my geforece 4 mx 440 video card on redhat 7.2 but still i get ****y graphics, i have typed modprobe NVdriver it works fine no errors anywhere with anything. Xconfigurator doesnt bring up my card in the list and xf86config dosent either.

so im wondering what i have done wrong, now as for the kernel file i used the one with rh72up.athlon.rpm is that the problem.



Thankyou in advance


Norbert 08-31-02 12:09 PM

look through your etc/X11/XF86Config file. Make sure that you have the driver set to nvidia, and the glx module set to load. I also got better video performance using nvidia's agp driver, as opposed to agpgart.


ScrubGhost 08-31-02 09:18 PM

on the ball

also remove module "dri" and module "glcor" entry in the module section and "dri 666" section at the end if it is in the XF86Config-4 file

borgzilla 08-31-02 11:29 PM

Why don't you just attach your XF86Config-4 file so we can check what went wrong.

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