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dom521 06-20-03 12:00 AM

A7N8X audio
Is there any way i can enable more PCM channel's with these latest drivers? I installed these, and two previous ones before, and the only sound I get is out of /dev/dsp, what happened to dsp0,1 etc? The A7N8X deluxe (Soundstorm) is supposed to have 2 PCM channels no? Would be nice to have at least one extra channel. :mad: Any help would be appreciated.


dom521 06-23-03 04:18 PM

Yeah, I thought this question would be hard. Thanks.

linuxer062003 06-23-03 09:04 PM

Are you asking of playing multiple waves same time? Did you try using esd or aRTs daemon ?(they will do software mixing).

dom521 06-24-03 06:47 PM

Yes, and no. This card has 2 PCM channels, which I'd respect Nvidia for (if they worked.) I'd like Nvidia to support something they added, which they don't seem to update. It's been over a year, it's not that hard to make proper drivers (maybe their video drivers arent that great after all either.) Unfortunately I didn't pay $250 CDN for garbage drivers :)

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