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tornadog 07-31-09 10:52 AM

ipod integration with car stereo
Just bought a 2010 Honda Pilot. The touring model of the car has an IPOD interface called USB Connect that lets you plug an ipod and allow you to navigate the playlist, control volume, etc with the stereo's controls. Problem is the touring model is 15000 more than what I wanted to spend and had a whole lot of features that I didnt need. Does anybody here know of a standalone solution that I can get installed at a car audio shop and can do the same thing?

CaptNKILL 07-31-09 01:03 PM

Re: ipod integration with car stereo
I think my head unit does that and its 3 years old.

It shouldn't be hard to find one that will work. The nightmare would be integrating it into a Honda interior. I've seen the dash mount kits for recent Hondas and they usually have a big pile of extra buttons and dials because the CD players are actually built into the instrument panel rather than being a separate device.

As long as the vehicle you're buying has an Aux\Line-In jack somewhere you can run any MP3 player through it. Having the vehicles controls operate the iPod is another thing entirely though. You may want to look into getting some kind of simple iPod Dock (with controls on it) that is meant for use in a car.

If you really want the controls built into the stereo you'll either have to have most of the instrument panel replaced and an aftermarket stereo put in (which will likely throw off a lot of other things including the sound quality of the existing speakers) or you could check local car audio shops to see if any of them can get one of the factory iPod-ready stereos directly from Honda (which is probably extremely expensive). It really depends on how different the stereos are between the two models you're looking at. If the USB Connect feature is just an extra wire plugged into the back of the standard stereo it'll probably be a lot easier and cheaper to get your existing system "upgraded" to the one with iPod support.

Ruined 07-31-09 01:24 PM

Re: ipod integration with car stereo
Believe it or not its a real pain in the butt to modify the OEM stereo in most cars today. You are probably going to have a tough time finding what you are looking for. Finding a passthrough is one thing but if you actually want high level control of your iPod you are best getting it in OEM equipment.

Might also want to consider a Ford Escape w/ the Microsoft Sync option ($299), does everything you are looking for w/ iPod (as well as Zune & all other MP3 players) + voice activated song/artist selection - and the SUV is reasonably priced + well reviewed:

tornadog 07-31-09 04:00 PM

Re: ipod integration with car stereo
i already got the pilot at a good price. so getting another one is not an option. I am looking at the Neo Prolink System

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