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seeker 08-03-09 09:38 PM

W7 Program Defaults
A bit of a hitch that I didn't have in previous Windows. is that I did have both the current version of Opera + the beta for 10 installed. When I realized that the beta had taken over the default for urls, and clicking a link in an email caused the beta to open, rather than the current version, I uninstalled the beta, but then clicking an email link popped an unknown application error.

I searched both the browser and the email client for a means to reset this, but found none. I went into W7's defaults and found Opera set, but it didn't specify which version. In Application Data I found that there was still a folder for the beta, so I deleted it. Going back to Program Defaults, I found there was no longer a selection for Opera available, and no way that I coud find to add it.

I then opened the details for IE's associations, and the item for url could not be unselected. The obvious question is, how do I make it select Opera as I want it to, without reinstalling Opera?

seeker 08-03-09 09:57 PM

Re: W7 Program Defaults
I went into File Associations, and tried to change it to Opera there, but when I selected Opera, it added Adobe Reader (for reasons unknown). When I tried a second time, it just reverted back to IE. Apparently, Opera disagrees with W7.

seeker 08-03-09 10:05 PM

Re: W7 Program Defaults
Got it! I just had to do a repair install of Opera.

Tuork 08-04-09 12:47 AM

Re: W7 Program Defaults


betterdan 08-04-09 06:30 AM

Re: W7 Program Defaults
Sounds like just another night at the Opera...

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