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seeker 08-04-09 01:13 AM

Cable Connecion
I already have most everything connected to the cable outlet near my desk, but I want to install another outlet in my bedroom for the TV. When I first moved into this apartment, I requested that they add the bedroom outlet, but when the cable installer arrived, he refused to do so, because of some kind of liability to the apt. complex.

I decided to install it myself, but when I removed the second oulet in the living room, that I had planned to split off from, the outlet was never connected, and there were two coaxes in the wall that were coupled together. At first, I thought that coupling was required to complete the circuit to the outlet near my desk, but uncoupling it didn't effect the desk's outlet at all.

Not know which of the coaxes that had been coupled was the hot one, I simply ran a coax extension around to the Bedroom TV. When I selected for the converter, that I intended to use as a tuner, to scan the channels, it only found about 6 channels, and some of those had weak signals. I then changed the cable in the living room to the second one, and the scanner found only 4 channels, but a little stronger. The thing that confused me is that the channels found on one coax were not the same ones found on the other.

It makes no sense to me, but it appears that I need to connect both coaxes at the same time, but the only way that I can imagine doing that is to use some kind of coupler to merge the signals. The problem with this is that all of the splitters only have 1 input connector and various number of outputs...I need just the reverse...two inputs and one output. Does such a device exist? Is there a better way to do what I need than what I've thought of?

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