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KasuCode 06-21-03 06:01 PM

final fantasy 11 benchmark
what did you get

i got 6924 with a 9800pro128

yoladude 06-21-03 09:13 PM

what is this benchmark, what does it require, and where can i get it?

KasuCode 06-21-03 10:49 PM

sorry x-plays on ill post a link in a min

KasuCode 06-21-03 11:22 PM

min req is like

256mb ram

get it here


i would say at least
512mb ram
gf4 64mb or higher to play it decent

yoladude 06-22-03 03:33 AM

k...its small, ill run it, and post results. specs in sig.

yoladude 06-22-03 03:39 AM

aaaaaaa....my eyes!!!! i hate low res.
anyway, i got around 4800-4900 (forgot exact number). graphics, apart from the res, look pretty good.

KasuCode 06-22-03 02:05 PM

yea screen shots look alot beter

Riff 06-23-03 05:06 AM

Yecch. I got 5991 on a 5900 Ultra, at 4xAA, 8xAF, quality settings. I got 6137 with everything set to highest performance and no AA and no AF.

That has to have been the most bland benchmark I have ever seen. Even less action than the stalker in-game movie :P

KasuCode 06-23-03 05:12 AM

lol i know i know

whats your system spec's thats odd that you didnt get closer to my score

RAY16 06-23-03 05:28 AM

This thing looks horrible, so why does it run so bad? I got like 3500 or something (wasn't really paying attention). Nasty slow downs on a Athlon XP 2000+ and GeForce 3, i know my rig isn't top of the line, but its not weak either. I've played games that look better then this in a higher resolution and they still run faster.

Lfctony 06-23-03 08:05 AM

6854 with 4XAA/8AF quality settings, on a P4 3Ghz and a GFFX 5800@500/960.

poursoul 06-23-03 11:48 AM

this bench has been around for the better part of a year (or more i dunno)

The reason it runs so crap is because it was made for a console not a pc. I would guess that a lot (if not all) of the operations are being done via cpu.

A good test would be to get someone with a gf2mx and a high end p4 to run this bench.

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