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massy 08-13-09 05:09 AM

Issue in resume's phase
I have a notebook Asus M50Vn with a GeForce 9650m GT graphic card and the operating system is OpenSolaris snv_118 X86. I use nvidia driver version185.18.14, shipped with the distribution. I tried to use the suspend-to-ram feature (S3) but the results were that my laptop can be succesfully suspended, but it was an issue after the resume's phase: the system was correctly resumed, but the screen remain black: xwindow system was ok, it prompt for login, like after a "lock screen action", I can enter in gnome, but brightness remain quite zero. After I connect to my laptop via ssh from another system and I rebooted it. During reboot's phase the screen remain black: so I had to shutdown the laptop and power cycle it. The issue was identical with OpenSolaris 2009.06 snv_111b (the official version) and nvidia driver version 180.44 shipped with the distribution.

Can you help me to troubleshoot my issue?

Say me if I can send you other information, thanks in advance

dhabud 09-25-09 04:40 PM

Re: Issue in resume's phase
I have similar issue on my system with
ASUS Motherboard
Motherboard has NVIDIA 8300 Graphics chip on it.
Graphics Driver: 185.18.36 Latest as of Sept 24, 2009
System: Debian Lenny 2.26.26 kernel

Suspend and resume used to work correctly on this system, Things that I have put in after that were install NFS and remove linksys wireless card and added rt2860 based wireless card.

Now when system wakes up after suspend and tries to resume, I see that there is blinking cursor for a while on screen, mouse and keyboard for a while but everything goes away and cannot do anything,
Reboot the system and everything is back. I need to get this suspend and resume working correctly

I tried couple of things mentioned on web


ifconfig ra0 down
ifconfig wlan0 down

acpi_sleep=s3_mode, s3_bios vga=791

and things from http://www.amitsrivastava.net/2008-0...a-dell-vostro/

Nothing has help so far. Please Please help.

THank you in advance

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