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NarcissistZero 08-19-09 11:48 AM

Mini Ninjas Demo Feedback
IO Interactive, makers of the Hitman games and Kane & Lynch, have released a demo for their soon to be released action game Mini Ninjas.

Get it here: http://www.minininjas.com/

I suggest you use a download accelerator as their servers are being hit hard today.

I am installing now and will have screens and feedback soon.

NarcissistZero 08-19-09 12:30 PM

Re: Mini Ninjas Demo Feedback
Game is pretty fun... seem to have a bit more depth than your normal hack and slash game, with potions and character swaps and such. At the end of the day though it is a mindless hack and slash, and don't assume otherwise.

Some pics... max settings, ran at 60fps with v-synch though it dropped to 40 or so on occassion.


zaG 08-30-09 09:56 AM

Re: Mini Ninjas Demo Feedback
Did you have any crashes with the demo? Two times it dropped to desktop with a failure message. Atm i use the newest 190.62 WHQL...
But i really have to say this game is pure fun!

NarcissistZero 08-30-09 03:15 PM

Re: Mini Ninjas Demo Feedback
No, it ran perfect... I am still on 186 though.

Roliath 08-30-09 10:10 PM

Re: Mini Ninjas Demo Feedback
oh my god, I love this game

love the gameplay, demo ran great I couldn't select anisotropic filtering through (said disabled) no crashing here either (running 186)

shilk 08-30-09 10:38 PM

Re: Mini Ninjas Demo Feedback
Wow. :wtf:

The game's style looks very refreshing and clean. Will have to give this one a go. :D

Yaboze 08-30-09 10:40 PM

Re: Mini Ninjas Demo Feedback
This is on PSN also for PS3, it's pretty cool.

shilk 08-30-09 10:56 PM

Re: Mini Ninjas Demo Feedback
I just watched the trailers on the official site, and I must say that this game is pretty awesome and original. Hiro (the Ninja) actually speaks Japanese when he's casting his jutsus, so the Narutards are gonna have a field day with this game, lol.

The farting boss was classic. Really considering getting this game. I'll have to wait for the demo to finish. :)

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