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AshG 08-31-02 01:46 PM

Refresh Rate Fix for all Dets, NOT by hand and NOT memory resident!
Hey guys!

After seeing all return of the eternal Refresh Rate complaint, I thought I'd post a nice relevant little Detonator utility. It was posted before the horrible nV/Envy HackDeath, and I haven't seen it here since, so...

RefreshForce does all the pertinent file modifications for you. It examines your monitor, examines your hardware, and then lets you choose which settings to keep.

The homepage/download page is here. It's a small download, you run it once, and never have to run it again. It's neither memory resident nor startup related. I like it so much, it's on my Backup CD 1, and one of the first things I install after a format.


Zarich 08-31-02 01:48 PM

Another vote for refresh force. Works with all video cards not just nvidia and works great!

Mike89 08-31-02 02:04 PM

This is the one I am using at the moment since I can't find another one that works and I haven't yet figured out how to edit the inf myself.

It is not true that you only install it once. If you have monitor inf drivers installed, Windows XP usually drops back to monitor plug and play drivers when installing a vid card driver. If it does this, you will have to install Reforce again. I know because I had to do it myself.

Zarich 08-31-02 02:17 PM

yeah.. well you shouldnt be using reforce if you dont have both the video adapter and the monitor driver installed first.

Mike89 08-31-02 02:34 PM

I had my vid and monitor drivers already installed. Then installed Reforce and set refresh rates.

Then I had installed a different vid driver and XP also defaulted back to monitor plug and play drivers so I also had to re-installed the manufacturer's monitor drivers.

When going through this, I also had to re-install Reforce because the refresh rate settings had gone back to default settings because of changing from the monitor manufacturer's drivers to monitor plug and play drivers, and back to manufacturers drivers again.

The Baron 08-31-02 05:25 PM

I used to edit the registry (not the .inf, that was kinda messy)--that worked, and once I had a string for it, it was just "dump that in every time you change drivers." Annoying, but simple.

Then I used RivaTuner 2.0rc11 since they actually updated it ;) . That worked better.

But RefreshForce is the unrivaled king of refresh rates... blasted thing takes 3 seconds. :p

HurgleBurgle 09-01-02 02:16 AM

The inf is really really simple people!

think of it as a table for the refresh rates.

something like

x x x x | x x x x | 140 120 100 85 | 75 72 70 60
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.....0.....0.....1....0......0...0...0...1

The dots are there to maintain proper spacing.
I don't remember what the refresh rates are above 140. (they're in the pdf)

Each refresh rate is either on (1) or off (0). This is binary@!
Ok so in my little example all you get is 60 or 100.
In binary (from the table!!!!) this is 00100001.

Convert that number to hex! (21)
If you don't know how to convert to hex here's an easy method.
Break the binary down into groups of 4 digits. In the example this would be:

0010 | 0001

Look up the group of 4 in the following table.

..bin..| hex
0001 | 1
0010 | 2
0011 | 3
0100 | 4
0101 | 5
0110 | 6
0111 | 7
1000 | 8
1001 | 9
1010 | A
1011 | B
1100 | C
1101 | D
1110 | E
1111 | F

That makes the example:

0010 | 0001 = 21 (HEX)

Ok so in the inf there are lines like this: (this is from my file actually)

HKR,, NV25_Modes_Delta, %REG_MULTI_SZ%, "S 640x480 800x600 1024x768 1152x864 1280x960 1280x1024 1600x1200=10;"

the key part of this for the setting of refresh rates is the

You may be thinking "ten! why does he want a refresh rate of ten!" Well it's not ten it's actually hex ten which comes out to a binary of 00010000. From the refresh rate table above you can see that this turns on the refresh rate of 85 only. This rate applies to all the resolutions that come before the ;

One last example. Let's say you wanted every refresh rate from 60 up to 140. This would result in a binary code of

1111 | 1111 = FF (HEX)

Ok so if you want this to apply to 640x480 you would modify the line above to read.

HKR,, NV25_Modes_Delta, %REG_MULTI_SZ%, "S 640x480=FF; 800x600 1024x768 1152x864 1280x960 1280x1024 1600x1200=10;"

If this isn't any clearer than the pdf, then I guess some people will never get it.

EDIT: Had to add dots to maintain proper spacing in my charts. Hey moderator when i put more than one space I want more than one space or at least give me a way to force more than one space!!

DrizztXII 09-01-02 04:14 AM

Great info.. been waiting for this kind of chart/instructions thanx!

Just want to double check with you..hows this look if i want JUST:

640x480 @120
800x600 @120
1024x768 @100
1280x960 @85
1280X1024 @75
1600x1200 @72

HKR,, NV20_1_Modes_Delta, %REG_MULTI_SZ%, "S 640x480x8,16,32 800x600x8,16,32=40; 1024x768x8,16,32=20; 1280x960x8,16,32=10; 1280x1024x8,16,32=08; 1600x1200x8,16,32=04;"

and whats the 2nd line for... "%REG_SZ_APPEND%" just finishing the 1st other line? leave it alone? get rid?


DrizztXII 09-01-02 04:20 AM

Where is this PDF that you got the info from?

If i leave out the x8,16,32 part will it set that refresh rate for ALL color depths?


CraigGen 09-01-02 04:25 AM

As nice as that info is, thanks, It's way too much hassle for me as I use MAME and other emulators a lot. And I have alot of custom resolutions that go from 320x240 right upto 1600x1200.

Thanks for the info Ash, but that program still ignores anything I put in it.
This is on a completely fresh, formatted, WinXP Pro that I installed just for the 40.41 drivers. And I new inf file for my monitor.
I am using a desktop of 1600x1200x32 at 75hz, and every resolution from 320x240 upto 1600x1200 uses this 75hz and completely ignores any refresh program. :mad:

If I custom edit the modes in the registry or the inf file, I find I lose a heck of a lot of resolutions.
512x384, 640x400, 640x480, 720x576, 1280x960.
These are resolutions I use for emulation, and the last one for games.

So I think I'll stick with WinME for emulation and games, and WinXP for surfing and office.
This is why I think dropping WinME is totally wrong, because it gives me, as a user, a choice if things don't work the way I like.

ToastGodSupreme 09-01-02 02:57 PM

God, this works!


HurgleBurgle 09-01-02 11:08 PM


Yeah that looks right. You don't need the x8,16,32. That's default.
The second line is for the spanning modes. SHV (The H and V are for horizontal and vertical spanning) The PDF is here:


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