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nekrosoft13 08-22-09 12:56 PM

And it starts, here comes Win7 hate

npras42 08-22-09 01:03 PM

Re: And it starts, here comes Win7 hate
Not really that much hate. They first made an article about all the good things in Win 7, then later released one which proposes the other side of the story. Kinda playing Devil's Advocate.

betterdan 08-22-09 01:11 PM

Re: And it starts, here comes Win7 hate
Holy crap! You have to do a clean install from XP and Snow Leopard is almost here? WTF! I hate Windows 7! (pb)

mojoman0 08-22-09 01:41 PM

Re: And it starts, here comes Win7 hate
I actually have a few beefs with W7 myself. After hearing how much of a must have upgrade from vista it is I decided to install on my laptop. These are my annoyances so far and maybe you guys can help me out.

1. Why can't I open a new instance of IE from the taskbar in one simple click??? Right clicking the taskbar and clicking IE is a PAIN IN THE ASS!!!

2. Hovering over the thumbnails in taskbar wastes my time. Yea the previews are cool but not as cool as saving microseconds every time I switch tasks.

3. Why did they get rid of sticky notes gadget and make it a standalone app which is wider than the typical gadget size?

4. Why does Windows Live Messenger have 2 open tasks whenever I have the client open? One of the tasks is a stupid picture of my icon with no purpose whatsoever. I like it better in the system tray.

5. Where is my default location to store pictures and videos and such? The start menu shortcut takes me straight to the libraries section in windows explorer. I happen to like storing all of my pictures in one place. Do I have to manually hunt down my pictures under the user directory every time I want to move pictures to this folder instead of clicking on the link in the start menu?

As a fan of Vista I haven't really found anything that would consider this a must have upgrade unless you are currently running XP. This may change as I install 7 on my desktop when my upgrade copy comes and may welcome the snappiness. (Using msdnaa W7 pro for laptop). I like the ease of joining a network but think the new white system tray icons are ugly. I hope the homegroup feature will be neat with a media pc and laptop so I'll have to wait and see how this ends up performing. After using it more I'm sure I will find a few more things I like but Vista has served me well.

hemmy 08-22-09 02:28 PM

Re: And it starts, here comes Win7 hate
1. Middle click on the Icon. Maybe consider ditching IE ???

2. Then turn them off. You can customize it to behave more like XP or Vista

3. I don't know

4. See #3

5. The defaults are "My Pictures", "My Videos", etc. The libraries include those in them. Everything in My Pictures shows up in your "Pictures" library.

Don't know what white system tray icons you mean. The little wireless connection thing? Looks much better than in Vista IMO.

mailman2 08-22-09 02:46 PM

Re: And it starts, here comes Win7 hate
Crappy article written by a mac-fag.

bacon12 08-22-09 02:56 PM

Re: And it starts, here comes Win7 hate
I have several things I do not like as well.

The taskbar.. now most people will have 75 things running there instead of the 5-10 with xp and vista. At least you knew and had to hide them before. It wasn't broken and didn't need fixing.

No backward compatibility with the new homegroup? Really? Was it that hard to make it work with Vista or patch Vista to work with it? This is something that could still come however.

I also agree the default tab behavior seems stupid and its annoying that I have to change it to actually see whats there without relying on thumbnail peeks.

Lastly thanks for by default adding another click to get to my home folder. But library sounds cooler!

nekrosoft13 08-22-09 03:06 PM

Re: And it starts, here comes Win7 hate
#4 run messenger in Vista compability and it will stay in systray

Sazar 08-22-09 04:03 PM

Re: And it starts, here comes Win7 hate

Originally Posted by mailman2 (Post 2071823)
Crappy article written by a mac-fag.


Who the **** gives a crap about Snow Leopard? Mac Users are already wanking furiously in anticipation and there will be a massive adoption rate, but, the article is comparing XP to Windows 7, a quantum leap in tech and features. Current OSX to new build of OSX? Not so much and yet, it's listed as a reason to wait :)

Got to love it.

But, he did have another article which spoke glowingly of Windows 7 as well sooooo... maybe he's just looking for hits.

Eliminator 08-22-09 04:33 PM

Re: And it starts, here comes Win7 hate
these are some pretty lame points imo... the only thing i would say is if you have vista then unless you can get 7 for cheap or for free through your company/school don't bother upgrading

ViN86 08-22-09 06:07 PM

Re: And it starts, here comes Win7 hate
Let's look at their arguments...


1. Upgrading From Windows XP Requires a Clean Install
Well yea, it's a brand new OS. It's not Windows 5.x, it's Windows 6.1. New OS, hence new kernel and components, hence, clean install cause your previous program's dependencies won't work. Even a 5 year old could understand that.

The Upgrade Is Expensive
Really? I got HP for $50 a month ago...

It’ll Cost You Time, Too
Took me less than 30 minutes to do a clean install of Windows 7 RC. Then I just run Steam overnight and voila, my PC is restored.

It’s Still Windows
That's the worst argument I have ever heard.

Security Isn’t Automatically Better
Well when you control 85%+ of the market, of course people will target your OS more. And security is much better.

Built-In Support for Egregious Hardware-Based DRM
This was an argument against Vista that I have yet to see any solid proof of.

Snow Leopard Is Almost Here
And now we see the author's true motives...

Greg 08-22-09 07:31 PM

Re: And it starts, here comes Win7 hate

Originally Posted by hemmy (Post 2071821)
2. Then turn them off. You can customize it to behave more like XP or Vista

I've tried that. The order and behavior is just not like XP/Vista. To behave like old, quick launch icons would be collected in order to the left, then app instances would spread across. With Win7 they are mixed and move about. I ended up leaving the default behavior but am also frustrated with the amount of time spend locating newly opened windows etc.

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