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Lazaredz 09-04-09 02:18 PM

component to HDMI
So I got a new monitor and somewhere along the way I forgot to check what inputs it had. :\

Anywho, the only ones available for my cable box and Wii are VGA or HDMI.

I was thinking I could use a converter like this to accomplish this on a low budget.

Anyone have any other ideas or links to better/cheaper products?


lduguay 09-04-09 02:49 PM

Re: component to HDMI
Couldnt find any reviews but i would give it a shot. I wonder if the image quality will be decent.
Look here, 550$ (lee63)

Lazaredz 09-04-09 06:04 PM

Re: component to HDMI
gonna pass on the $550 converter. I could just buy a TV for that.

also, just thought of this ..... maybe one that is also a switch! That way I can feed both the Wii and the cable box in and just flip the switch depending on what I want to use.

seeker 09-04-09 06:11 PM

Re: component to HDMI
I'm not certain that I understand exactly what you need, but take a look at this:


EDIT: Rereading your post, I got to wondering if you couldn't just replace the cable box itself?

Lazaredz 09-04-09 07:54 PM

Re: component to HDMI
MAY be able to replace cable box and MAY be able to use the new one as a through-put for the Wii.

To clarify I need to go from component output via the cable/Wii to HDMI input on the monitor. (No, I didnt think this through clearly when I bought it :( )


seeker 09-04-09 08:14 PM

Re: component to HDMI
I fully understand, because I have just started dealing with this sort of thing recently.

I'm not at all certain, so see if this might be a solution or not:


Oops! That not the link that I intended to post...try this one:


CaptNKILL 09-04-09 11:06 PM

Re: component to HDMI
Monoprice is a good place to shop for things like this.

I think this is the same as the one you posted from Amazon, but its cheaper:


Lazaredz 09-05-09 02:08 PM

Re: component to HDMI
Nice Capt. Will look around there and see if I can find a switch one too.

But, if the whole new box/passthrough bit doesnt work, that should do it.


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