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WeReWoLf 09-09-09 01:26 AM

My 280 just died :(
Was working fine last night when I went to work, but when I woke up today, it had decided that running 3d applications was too hard and started scrambling textures and whatnot into a rather colourful display. Thankfully it's well within the first 12 month replacement warranty offered by the company I purchased it from, but what do you think they'll replace it with? I'm hoping a 285.

The major problem is, they'll probably make me take a 3 hour drive just to the store so I can get it tested and replaced, then make another 3 hour trip home.

*UPDATE: They will allow me to send it to them, but they have to test it before sending it to Asus for replacement. Then I have to arrange for pickup.

crainger 09-09-09 01:42 AM

Re: My 280 just died :(
I was just talking to a guy on MSN who had the same thing happen! OMG WEIRD!


Hope you can get is sorted quick smart. Without having to adventure all the way into Brissy.

Drax 09-09-09 05:06 AM

Re: My 280 just died :(
Happened to my old 280 as well. Made like a purple checkerboard pattern.

WeReWoLf 09-09-09 05:21 AM

Re: My 280 just died :(
Another Update: Got it to start working again. Not sure if it will remain so, but hopefully it will.

hokeyplyr48 09-09-09 07:17 AM

Re: My 280 just died :(
TBH i wouldn't even bother with letting it work. If it's acted up replace it. because if it starts acting up again it might be outside of the warranty then you're out of luck. But feel free to play russian roulette :captnkill:

Drax 09-09-09 06:58 PM

Re: My 280 just died :(
Yeah, mine stayed alive for a little while (I had plenty of time on the warranty). It would act up intermittently, but eventually it just got worse and worse.

Eliminator 09-09-09 07:09 PM

Re: My 280 just died :(
have you checked your temps?... the initial GTX280's had problems with the HSF and it would reach 100*C+ easily... i had one that would go to 105 and then start stuttering like crazy... i exchanged it for another one and i've had it for more than 1 year now without issues... this one maxes out at 80-85*C overclocked

JasonPC 09-09-09 08:09 PM

Re: My 280 just died :(
If it got better without any real logical reason (changing drivers, reinstall windows, etc) then you should definitely get it replaced. Chances are that it will start doing it again. If you are absolutely sure it's better, then you should definitely run it through some rigorous stress tests.

crainger 09-10-09 06:54 AM

Re: My 280 just died :(
I recommend putting your GTX280 in the freezer then purchasing a GTX295. Also putting that in the freezer. Should cool things down nicely.

Monolyth 09-11-09 03:12 AM

Re: My 280 just died :(

Originally Posted by crainger (Post 2082559)
I recommend putting your GTX280 in the freezer then purchasing a GTX295. Also putting that in the freezer. Should cool things down nicely.

+1 Freezers are known for their cool temperatures, but don't take my word for it.

MaxBlade 09-11-09 12:57 PM

Re: My 280 just died :(
Good luck WeReWoLf. I have the same card. And a few months ago I sent it in.. got the same card back.. worse then when I sent it in. They told me (still got the emails) they had NONE in stock and could take months to get it replaced. Mine keep showing red blocks everywhere after a short time.. on all my 3 systems.. and if you've been around awhile then you know its memory.. even the tech said that and I should send it in..

Still got the invoice saying "REPAIRED" lol yet after hours of talking to them they said "well its says tested fine" we just tested it and it passed. I asked why did you and others keep saying it was repaired then? no answer... in the end it got replaced.. never give up never surrender. keep trying theres always always someone that WILL help and get it replaced :)

Just be careful .. if they test lmao it like they did mine you might be getting the same one back.. I mean If I just plug it in and run it for 5-10min.. works great!

But man I will not buy another Asus graphics card.. Yes their good.. its getting it FIXED thats the problem..

Kemo 09-11-09 01:33 PM

Re: My 280 just died :(
Man I am SOOOO GLAD I didn't take the leap into the GTX 200s.

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