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CaptNKILL 09-10-09 04:49 PM

Quadro FX 550 for general use?
I found a bunch of brand new Quadro FX 550 256Mb PCI-E cards for dirt cheap (seriously, DIRT CHEAP) and I looked up the specs and they seem to be FAR better than most low end cheap cards.

Its basically a cross between a Geforce 6600 and a 6800.

Not a modern gaming card by any means, but not bad at all for most people... even for some older games.

Are there any issues with using a Quadro like this as a standard card for general use and gaming? I've never owned or even seen one before so I don't know if the drivers are any different.

Drolfrawd 09-11-09 03:11 PM

Re: Quadro FX 550 for general use?
I have often wondered the same thing. good question

seeker 09-11-09 06:53 PM

Re: Quadro FX 550 for general use?
If they are dirt cheap, then there isn't much to lose by experimenting, then you can tell us if there are any issues.

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