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ChrisRay 09-16-09 10:21 PM

Batman PhysX effects. :)
I did a little preview of Batman and its Physic effects. That you are welcome to check out. I think one of the neat things about Batman is its one of the few titles that demonstrates how you can be "GPU Physics" bound before your CPU or GPU limited. Unfortunately I had some limited time off and wasn't able to go as indepth as I'd like. ((more resolutions ect)) but it still may be worth a read to you.


JH24 09-17-09 02:54 AM

Re: Batman PhysX effects. :)
Very interesting, I'm currently at work, but I look forward to read your article when I get home.

Thanks for sharing this.

Shocky 09-17-09 10:44 AM

Re: Batman PhysX effects. :)
I've seen some benchmarks and there's to much of a performance hit, unless your running with a dedicated card or at a low resolution the performance will suck.

ChrisRay 09-17-09 11:04 AM

Re: Batman PhysX effects. :)
I attend some. ((all editors day, and a few Nvidia press events for the world but only a couple)). I'd like to go to more like I was invited to the one happening Sept 30-Oct 2nd. But unfortunately my work doesnt allow me to take payed time off and I cant always afford to show up to every single one of them.

Quick420 09-17-09 11:50 AM

Re: Batman PhysX effects. :)
Great article Chris.People will find the sli setups section extremely useful for sure.Some of the results were surprising for to say the least.I have not purchased the full game yet but judging by the physX in the demo...you are right pics dont do it justice.

jolle 09-18-09 09:31 AM

Re: Batman PhysX effects. :)

Originally Posted by DarthBeavis (Post 2087363)
The other Physx centric game we demo'd that you might want to check out is Darkest of Days

Saw the quicklook on that at Giantbomb, not sure anyone would like to check that out tbh.

ChrisRay 09-18-09 03:14 PM

Re: Batman PhysX effects. :)
I updated it to include 9800GTX and 9800GTX + 9600GT results. :)


Amaury 09-18-09 04:58 PM

Re: Batman PhysX effects. :)
Personally, I have a tri-sli GTX285 setup + a 9800GT on the EVGA x58 Classified with i7 at 4ghz. I disabled the 9800GT to see the difference and it was slower with it disabled. I'm running the game at 2560x1600 16xAA + 16xAF on a 30" screen. I guess if you are cranking up the eye candy, having a seperate card doing the physx does improve performance IF SLI scaling is utilized. I think a 9800GT is the perfect card for physx. Not too slow and I would hate to have another heat producing, power hungry card like another GTX285 in there just for physx. As it is, I hate having tri-sli because of its inefficiency.

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