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rsnic 06-25-03 08:18 AM

Alsa drivers cannot play mor than one sound at a time
Im running redhat 9 with 2.4.20-18.9, have nforce motherboard. Running alsa drivers (.94) I compiled my self. The sound works sweet as, but I can only play one sound at a time.
e.g. If im playing a music through xmms with the alsa .9 plugin and I start a movie the movie will not start playing until I press stop on xmms, then it runs. Basically it locks the program till the sound card is free. It cannot play sound from two programs at once.
Can anyone help me with this? This happens with any program e.g. videolan, mplayer, xine, so I assume the driver is not set correctly.

MidnightWatcher 06-25-03 05:29 PM

That's odd. I can have XMMS playing a song, MPlayer showing a Divx movie, and watch TV all at the same time. What sound card do you have? I have a Hercules Fortissimo III.

rsnic 06-25-03 07:05 PM

Onboard sound, nforce1.

Cao 06-26-03 06:48 PM

ALSA don't support hardware mixing in nforce audio. But I think the hardware supports it, so we maybe see it in the future. Until then, try software mixing. I use aRts and redirect /dev/dsp output with artsdsp.

bahamot 06-29-03 12:55 AM

well , i doubt if we ever will see multiple stream at once.
cause Nvidia itself didn't even think make driver to support multiple stream. i'm so dissappointed w/ them!
Nforce 1 & 2 support in linux are really bad!
as for nvaudio it's just a tweaked version of i810_audio module.

rsnic 06-29-03 01:14 AM

Cheers for the replies, i'll just have to use arts. The new nvaudio driver works heaps better for me than the alsa one so i think ill stick with that.

bahamot 06-29-03 01:44 AM


Originally posted by Cao
I use aRts and redirect /dev/dsp output with artsdsp.
how to do it?

rsnic 06-29-03 01:51 AM

i think he does this by typing artsdsp <program>, then use the oss driver for the sound. Not sure tho.

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