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Flecko 06-25-03 03:40 PM

Suggestion on news posting.
not to sound mean or offensive...

but will someone please tell MUYA to stop posting ****ing roundups twice a day instead of the usual style of news posts?

I have really stopped visiting this site so much since all the news is lumped into one post that doesn't really catch my eye. I mean...there are alot of items in there that deserve their own post in my opinion, but rather than having it done the right way, they just get lumped into one "roundup" as he so frankly put it.

Just a suggestion, but its really getting under my skin.

Thanks for the otherwise great new site,

vampireuk 06-25-03 04:09 PM

When I post I use the exact same method MUYA does. OK so its been a while:p :D

I give NVIDIA news its own post and then clump all other hardware reviews into one big roundup, it makes more sense that way to me. Also he stated a while back that he hops on and off the net so he sticks all news into one post for people to see. Believe it or not posting news can be quite time consuming ;)

Flecko 06-25-03 09:13 PM

Ok then..

Didn't mean to offend...but I gather that means that more people need to post news then? I worked for a small site posting news before, and I know its not the most exiting thing to do every day, but on a site like this one(as big as it is), I guess I just expect a teeny more.

But hey, its free right? :D

I'll just have to deal with it I suppose.


The Baron 06-25-03 09:22 PM

I think the rest of us are busy with articles ;)

StealthHawk 06-25-03 09:54 PM

I also find that the clumpage is often vague. There is too much information to look through in a small area.

If roundups are continued, I would suggest users headers to separate different kinds of news, ie, nvidia video cards, ATI video cards, motherboards, etc. It just seems too unorganized right now, and there is nothing indicating where one type of review link starts and where others stop.

Clay 06-25-03 11:04 PM

I'll do my best to straddle the fence here...;) And I'll preface this by admitting that I'm not posting as frequently as I have in the past for a variety of boring reasons and others being that I'm starting work on a new review for the site. Muya is doing a great job and picking up a ton of slack; so he deserves credit for taking the time to post above all else.

Now, having said that...

Personally, I don't prefer the "roundup" style either. I get the impression that items in the roundup are less interesing/useful/informative (sort of just posting for the sake of posting kind of thing).

I usually take the "quality vs. quantity" approach to news posts so that may explain my take on this topic.

Again, props to Muya for his contribution. I know he's mentioned before that he's currently on dial-up so his batch approach to the posts makes more sense if you take that into consideration as well.

Flecko, you didn't offend at all as far as I'm concerned. The more coherent feedback we receive from our readers like you the better. So, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts!

Sazar 06-26-03 02:58 AM

personally I like the roundups...

admittedly there are a few clumps that are hard to read.. but that only happens around 4:00 am in the morning when I should really be sleeping anyways :D

but yah.. keep up the good work Muya.. :)

my suggestion... stick in a noon time roundup as well :D

MUYA 06-26-03 03:22 AM

I would like to address the roundup here, I also feel that categorizing the news/reviews link by headings would be nice, however, the present newsposting system does have a few short comings and I did try once but, it was all out of of palce. Unitill a new system arrives and I know its being slowly worked on, its the only way it can be done. However, if you take a look at the roundups, its all categorized w/o headings anyways, news/reports first, mid end GPUs reviews first, CPU and mobo reviews second, drive reviews next, case, cooling and PSU reviews next, other accesories ie keyboards/mouse next, then its other digital equipment like MP3 players etc next, followed by games, and lastly other stuff that doesn't fit into other categories. I cannot further categorize it then it is atm. I hope to do so in teh future.

I also post high end gpu or first/new computer products/components reviews by themsleves if you have noticed.
nvnews is gpu centric website i know, but I have figured many readers who do come in here would also like to read reviews on stuff besides GPUs so the diverse set of reviews etc. I won't mention dial up but thats also a problem..and work..and life...etc


StealthHawk 06-26-03 04:15 AM

Perhaps you can separate "groupings" of different kinds of news with spaces then?

All those contiguous lines of news make my eyes hurt :p Nice job with posting so much news though, keep up the good work :)

MUYA 06-26-03 05:31 AM

Ok I have now done as u have suggested a seperate line and headings, and it works :D , ....I tried it before and it didn't!:eek: I dunno what I was doing wrong before...maybe I was being too clever with the HTML but it works now ...well I hope you guys like the new way the roundup is done..I like it :p

BTW i am prone to spelling errors as I am lil dyslexic....and stuff, so don't mind me because I will correct them in the end!



EDITED- IT works well on IE, but looks terrible on Opera 7. Hmm I will try otehr browsers as well, well only other one for wintel :P Netscape as well and see how it goes.

Asprine 06-26-03 06:04 AM

Like it defenatly a keeper..

monkeydust 06-26-03 06:05 AM

Looks great, MUYA.

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