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Vorgus 09-23-09 09:25 PM

XFX GTX 260 cards
I've been looking at parts for a new system and was looking at xfx for the video card. But their web site doesn't seem to have much real info on their cards. http://www.xfxforce.com/en-us/produc...es/260GTX.aspx

Which ones are core 216 and do any of them use heatpipe cooling and which are standard clocked? I don't want an over clocked one.

ATi 09-24-09 10:55 AM

Re: XFX GTX 260 cards
it maybe the
GeForce® 260 GTX 896MB DDR3 Core Edition (GX-260X-ADJF)

Vorgus 09-24-09 12:53 PM

Re: XFX GTX 260 cards
Poking around their "comparison" chart I found where it does list the SP's and only 3 of the 4 "black" cards have the core 216. But I noticed something else. all of the 260's are listed as 630w while the 275/285's are 550w. 80w is a sizable reduction.

john19055 09-25-09 06:39 AM

Re: XFX GTX 260 cards
newegg has some EVGA GTX 260-216 that are refrubished for $139.99 and it is the 55nm version.I have bought many refrubished products from newegg and they look just like a brand new card .If you have a good 550 watt power supply with at least 36amps on the 12v rail you should be fine because they use less power then a GTX 285.

Vorgus 09-25-09 01:05 PM

Re: XFX GTX 260 cards

Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 90 days limited
Labor 90 days limited
XFX is lifetime, and I know someone who sent in cards twice annd because xfx didn't have any, they upgraded.

When I got a defective motherboard from Asus, they tried sending 3 boards that where basicly other peoples returns. One had been dropped, one was dead with dust showing it had been used for awhile, and one the last had fluid spilled on both sides of the board that was eating at solder connections around the cpu socket and had several caps with bubbled tops which is a clear sign of a bad cap. When they finally sent a new replacement it had a bios problem that set the cpu voltage too low causing the memory controller to not work correctly in ECC mode and I had ECC memory. I sent the part number for the cpu and after a few request for status, they said they had no contacts with AMD for correcting it. Yea right.

Only reason I'm looking at another asus board for my new main computer is disspite crappy customer support there boards are said to be the best for amd cpu's. Just have to hope it's not defective.

john19055 10-01-09 02:02 AM

Re: XFX GTX 260 cards
I know it just has a ninety day warranty ,but in most cases if a card works perfect for a month ,then you have nothing to worry about.I have four things I bought from them refrubished a HDTV ,a 22" monitor and two video cards and they are all still going fine and one of them is two years old.But I can understand if you don't want to chance it.I was just saying you can save a lot of money sometimes and it works and looks just like a new one.

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