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netviper13 06-26-03 02:03 AM

Redhat 9 or Mandrake 9.1
As the subject hints at, which would you recommend for someone with a small amount of linux experience? At one time I tried Redhat 8 and Mandrake 9 and found Redhat to be a much better OS; for one thing Mandrake didn't work with DHCP no matter what I did while Redhat didn't require any configuration whatsoever to get a connection.

I know Mandrake has more in the way of multimedia, but I can download all that (mp3 patch for Redhat was one of the first things I installed when I installed RH8).

LinuxHatesMe 06-26-03 05:44 PM

I tried both Red Hat 9 and Mandrake 9.1. Both within the last week. I had no probably with DHCP it was automatically detected during both installations. Are you using a built in nic card? If so I've read on other forums it tends to be a problem.

Both to me are decent distro's although mandrake seamed to have a quicker performance. Having a sluggish time in RH9 and so have other people. Even limiting processes that startup on boot down to the bare minimun hans't really helped.

netviper13 06-26-03 05:48 PM

Yes I'm using the onboard nVidia NIC. I installed Mandrake 9.1 last night, and even after installing the nForce Linux drivers couldn't get an internet connection. So I'm going to install Redhat 9 today and see how that goes.

LinuxHatesMe 06-27-03 04:59 PM

Well, keep us informed. As I said there seams to be alot of problems with DHCP and integrated nic cards going around on the boards. If you still can't get it working with Red Hat, I'd suggest go out and buy a nic card and give that a shot. I use an ele'cheapo $10 nic card and works perfectly in both windows AND linux. No problems from it. Good luck!

netviper13 06-30-03 12:51 AM

Sorry I didn't post sooner, but I was in Springfield, MO the last couple days. Anywho, I installed RH9 and it wouldn't even recognize my damn CD drives so I could install the nForce drivers, so I immediately re-installed Mandrake; after realizing that I had just missed a couple steps, I got the nForce drivers set up and running just peachy. So I'm currently dual-booting XP and Mandrake.

LinuxHatesMe 06-30-03 10:29 AM

What about an internet connection is that up and running yet?

netviper13 06-30-03 11:03 AM

Yup, the NIC driver was installed with the nForce drivers. I guess Mandrake didn't install a DHCP client after not being able to set up a NIC at install, because after I installed the driver and went to configure the NIC, it had to install DHCP services. But everything is up and running network wise, now it's time to install nVidia graphics drivers.

LinuxHatesMe 07-01-03 03:00 AM

Well glad to hear it! The nvidia drivers I assure will be alot easier... just follow the simple directions and you'll be sporting 3d graphcis in linux, in no tiem at all. If you need help you know where to get it. :)

netviper13 07-01-03 03:15 AM

I managed to kill X, but that's probably from my lack of experience with Vi rather than nVidia's drivers. So tomorrow I'll reinstall Mandrake and hopefully not manage to screw it up this time.

VNA9216 07-04-03 05:33 PM

I used RH from the start... (about 2 yrs ago when I was 14 but .. I tried over 20 different distributions over those 2 yrs.. and I also tried mandrake 9.1 and I must say that I keep returning to redhat.. and at the moment I am at 9 because its soo easy to use compared to mandrake.. I cant believe ppl say mandrake is easier.. cuz in my opinion.. ITS NOT! :P (it never really worked great for me either :P)

LinuxHatesMe 07-05-03 03:04 PM

lol how'd you manage to kill X? All you need to do once you vi ?X86Config-4?, after installing the drivers of course. Is hit the i button to allow you to insert text, look for those 2 lines that are to be removed and put a # at the beginning of the line. Find the "nv" line under device? I belive it is and change that to "nvidia" hit escape to leave insert mode. Then do :write and that will write the file, aka save it, then just :q to quit and your set. Start up X and you got nvidia drivers locked and loaded!

I heavily agree with VNA9216. I've used a bunch of different distros as well in the last couple years and I find Red Hat to not only be easier and more stable. But more user friendly. Yeah yeah, you hear how mandrake has that nice rpm utitiliy but I'll tell you what. Most of anything you may need to upgrade on mandrake 9.1 has already come compiled on RH9, so willing that you chose to install it at the install time. And rh9 does have a nice little rpm tool as well, I forget the name of it. I'm a command line nut. Don't use the gui much except for im's and irc and such.

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