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Merefield 10-03-09 04:21 AM

Artifacts in Batman's Arkham Asylum are driving me insane!

Playing the superb Arkham (V 1.1) on very high settings (1920x1200 MSAA 4x, VERY HIGH, PhysX on HIGH). Frame rate is excellent (50ish) but sadly i'm getting artifacts appearing after a period of play - large browny green triangles of varying shades. This requires a restart of the game, but sure enough - they are back again after a period of time.

Currently running 64 bit 191.03 Drivers, but issue doesn't seem to be driver specific.

I recently bought a GTS 250 card to offload the PhysX onto as recommended here:


Temps on my GTX295 GPU's are maxing at 81 C, but artifacts can appear when they are at 74 C or so. But aren't they meant to get pretty high?

Temp on GTS 250 pretty lowish - around 45 C.

The cards sit next to each other on the motherboard which does concern me. But this is necessary as those are the only compatible slots.

Using the tuning tool, the motherboard voltages look stable so it doesn't seem to be power?

Neither CPU, VGA's or board are OC'd

Any thoughts welcome?

Could it be the drivers are buggy?


Merefield 10-03-09 12:23 PM

Re: Artifacts in Batman's Arkham Asylum are driving me insane!
OK an update.

Running SLI GTX 295 on Crisis Warhead i'm runnng up to 91 C, with no artifacts.

If i run PhysX on Arkham on the GTX 295 i get artifacts too (but much slower framerate)

If i run PhysX in software (enabled as High but switch off in NVidia CP) i get no artfacts but its dog slow.

So something about PhysX on GPU is causing the artifacts.

At one point i noticed the artifacts almost emanating from a hanging banner which appears only when PhysX is enabled, suggesting the geometry of the banner is determined by the PhysX card and this data had got corrupt somehow. So maybe they aren't "visual" artifacts in the usual sense but corrupt geometry data?

So this tells me hardware PhysX drivers are either buggy or there's an issue with the power profile when you enable PhysX.

Any suggestions welcome ...

Merefield 10-04-09 06:52 AM

Re: Artifacts in Batman's Arkham Asylum are driving me insane!
OK, update.

I'm getting more and more suspicious about the GTX 295. Either that or the power.

You see I swapped the display - I made the GTS 250 run the graphics and used the GTX 295 run the PhysX, and guess what!

NO ARTIFACTS and here's the _killer_:


Well, lower minimum FPS but higher MAX - go figure!!!

Man the GTS 250 is a bargain! - it was 80 pounds sterling and runs this level of detail at an acceptable frame rate!

Airbrushkid 10-04-09 07:24 AM

Re: Artifacts in Batman's Arkham Asylum are driving me insane!
Sorry to hear your having problems. I just tried the link to drverheaven. But it's a flash site and my iPhone doesn't like flash sites. So I'll have to wait till I get home and on my desktop.

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