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AaronP 10-17-09 01:09 AM

190.42 for Solaris x86/x86_64 released
Release highlights since 190.40:
  • Fixed a bug in the nvidia-settings disclaimer window for the GPU Clock Frequencies Coolbits page, such that the "Accept" button is selectable when the desktop is so tall that the entire disclaimer can be viewed without scrolling.
  • Fixed a recent regression that caused the Xinerama option to not be set properly in the X configuration file when saving and merging from the nvidia-settings X Server Display Configuration page.
  • Fixed a resource leak in VDPAU's blit-based presentation queue. This bug limited the number of presentation queue objects that could be created and destroyed in a single application instance, and hence could limit the number of streams that could be displayed and/or the number of iterations of "loop" playback.
  • Fixed a power management regression that prevented some notebooks and systems with integrated GeForce 8 and 9 series GPUs from suspending.
  • Fixed a regression that caused TV-OUT controls to be unavailable on some GeForce 6 and 7 series GPUs.
Release highlights:
  • Added support for OpenGL 3.2.
  • Added support for the following GPUs:
    • GeForce G102M
    • GeForce GT 220
    • GeForce G210
    • GeForce G210M
    • GeForce GT 230M
    • GeForce GT 240M
    • GeForce GTS 250M
    • GeForce GTS 260M
  • Updated the NVIDIA X driver to allow, on GeForce 8 or greater GPUs, more modes to validate on digital display devices whose EDIDs report very constrained HorizSync or VertRefresh ranges.
  • Fixed a randomly occuring X server crash caused by the PixmapCache option.
  • Increased the allowed amount of overscan compensation from 100 to 200.
  • On GPUs with VDPAU feature set B, VDPAU's handling of some corrupted or incorrectly formatted H.264 and MPEG streams has been improved.
  • Fixed a memory allocation problem with pre-GeForce 8 GPUs that caused GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap clients (e.g., Compiz, KDE 4) to display incorrect contents.
The 190.42 NVIDIA Accelerated Solaris Quadro Graphics Driver Set for Solaris x86_64/x86 is available for download via HTTP or FTP.

Please see the README for more information about this release.

Please note: This NVIDIA Solaris graphics driver release supports NVIDIA Quadro products based on the NV4x and newer series of GPU cores. Older Quadro FX and Quadro NVS products are supported by the 173.14.xx driver series, and Quadro4 and older Quadro GPUs are supported through the 96.43.xx NVIDIA legacy graphics drivers. Please see Appendix A of the README for a list of which GPUs are supported.

Please also note: If you encounter any problems with the 190.42 NVIDIA Solaris graphics driver release, please start a new thread and include a detailed description of the problem, reproduction steps and generate/attach an nvidia-*-bug-report.log file.

AaronP 10-29-09 02:27 PM

Re: 190.42 for Solaris x86/x86_64 released
Updated from 190.40 to 190.42.

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