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mooninite 10-20-09 07:41 PM

ASUS releases EFI BIOS for P5Q Deluxe
It's about time!

ASUS has released a EFI BIOS for an ancient (in computing terms) motherboard this week. If you happen to be a lucky P5Q Deluxe owner such as myself you can update to it.


I don't know of any other motherboard with an EFI BIOS... at least not one that isn't sold exclusively by Apple. So... a first? I'm the first with an EFI BIOS as a non-Apple, Linux user? w00t.

Get the BIOS and flash utility here:

Boot using a DOS USB stick and type "leprg p5q-bios.rom".

-n7- 11-03-09 01:22 AM

Re: ASUS releases EFI BIOS for P5Q Deluxe
Very kewl.

Of course, after reading the thread on it here: http://vip.asus.com/forum/view.aspx?...age=1&count=30

There's no way in hell i'm installing it on my baby, though damn, it does look sexy.

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