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Caleb 09-01-02 12:33 PM

What are compressed modes?

What are the compressed modes???

JonathanM 09-02-02 11:52 AM

It's a special way that NVIDIA has created to support refresh rates at various resolutions. Before there used to be a huge list with each and and each supported refresh rate, whereas now with compressed modes it's setup to be vastly shorter through the use of hex values.

This thread at Beyond 3D should help.

Caleb 09-03-02 10:54 AM

what do u mean??

dont the monitor drivers do that??

i thought that the nvidia drivers had nothing to do with the refresh rate!!!

the detonarot inf file, and the refresh rates that are in it, what exactly does it affect??

does it affect the refresh rates that are in the display properties?? if so, how does it know what my monitor supports or not? because the drivers look enforced or smth.

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