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Heinz68 10-28-09 09:18 AM

Samsung's 30-inch 3D OLED TV
Samsung's 30-inch 3D AMOLED TV won't make you dizzy, will leave you poor and silly
engadget Oct 28th 2009. More 3D gadgets in the LINK


Feeling that 3D craze yet? No? Well what if we told you that Samsung was bringing stereoscopic 3D to its magnificent AMOLED panels touting a million-to-1 contrast? Today in Japan it's showing off its 30-inch AMOLED 3D television with Full HD panel measuring just 2.5-mm thick. Although much is lost in the Korean language press release, Sammy is claiming that itd panel plus shutter-glasses technology helps to reduce the dizziness felt by some 3D viewers. The set's just a prototype at the moment but its price will certainly invoke financial vertigo whenever it might hit the manufacturing lines. One more very serious picture after the break.

CaptNKILL 10-29-09 01:05 AM

Re: Samsung's 30-inch 3D OLED TV
ohhggg... :drooling:

That thing probably costs like $15,000... but its so awesome.

Has anyone here ever seen an OLED monitor or TV? How "good" do they look compared to a good LCD or even CRT?

Heinz68 10-29-09 02:29 AM

Re: Samsung's 30-inch 3D OLED TV
Yes many did see it at trade shows and the experts say it looks great.

There is also 11 inch SONY OLED for sale at $2499. Little small, probably good for kitchen. :)

Many small gadgets use OLED display, for example the new Zune.

Heinz68 10-30-09 05:46 AM

Re: Samsung's 30-inch 3D OLED TV
I like this AUO OLED 3D TV much better, no need for 3D glasses.



AUO to show 14" OLED TV panel at FPD 2009
oled-display.net 10/27/2009

Auo show Innovative Display Technologies at FPD Intl 2009
Presenting new 3-Dimensional Display and a 14 inch OLED TV panel with Full HD resolution.
The 14" OLED TV panel with FHD resolution, a 100,000:1 contrast ratio, and 16 million colors.

3D Display 8" to 65" Glasses-free 3D Display Panel
Eye-catching 3D images have become a popular topic recently. With its great advancement in 3D display technologies, AUO will showcase a series of 3D display technologies ranging from 8" to 65" at the FPD International. AUO's breakthrough 3D display technology, which does not require special glasses, has gained several patents, for the barrier as well as the lenticular type. As glasses-free 3D displays need an increased number of viewing angles, AUO has leveraged the higher resolution panels and revolutionary pixel arrangement designs so that the audience can appreciate the higher resolution.

AUO's 65" 4K2K 2D/3D mixed mode Display uses a lenticular lens. With a 2D/3D switch, 3D images can be perceived in 3D mode while 2D images can be perceived in 2D mode. Providing lifelike 3D images and a clear text display, the product will be the ideal choice for public information display applications for commercial advertisements.

Muppet 10-30-09 06:34 PM

Re: Samsung's 30-inch 3D OLED TV
This looks awesome for gaming. Oh man that would just be the ultimate in game immersivness. On a 22" with 3D you really get pulled into the game, but on a 30" would be unreal.

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