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Abren 10-30-09 05:51 AM

Different Make Dual gtx 295 Dual monitor setup???
Hi guys,
I have 2 GTX 295's from different oems.
I want to run 2 displays. 1 at 1920*1200(Dell 24") and other at 1200*800(Apple)

What I want to do is play on the Dell natively(Games like Arkam asuylumfull eye candy) and use 2nd monitor for games like eve online etc simultaneously.
If I use 1gtx 295 then I will lose eye candy for Arkam if i want to run dual setups.
Will the following work?
1. 2 GTX 295 different make on a non Sli board to give display on 2 different monitors?
2. 1 gtx 295 and 1 9800gx2 non sli board.

Please help as am really confused.
Also will Coolermaster Real Power prp 850W suffice for
I7 920/2 Gtx 295/6gb DDR3 Gskill 1600mhz?

Thanks guys

Abren 10-30-09 06:57 AM

Re: Different Make Dual gtx 295 Dual monitor setup???
Ok can i do this?
Single Gtx 295 + 8800 ultra.
Use the 295 for gaming and 8800/Gtx 200 series other than 295 for 3d desktop use simultaneously?
Solved Gtx 295+ Gtx 260 dual display on single system
I installed one Gtx 295 and one Gtx 260
I am running 2 displays 24" at 1920*1200(Dell and BenQ)
I use Dell for gaming and it is set for the Gtx295. I play it on full eye candy with Sli and at the same time the other monitor is also active which is plugged into the Gtx 260.
The limitation though is if I play on 1st monitor which is plugged in 295 I cannot move my mouse to other screen obviosuly :) but the other monitor does not go blank.
So yeah I can use the gtx 295 to full potential and keep another monitor up.

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