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_john_i_ 11-02-09 10:56 PM

Resume from Suspend problems since 190.42
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I recently updated my xorg to 7.5 with xorg-server-1.7.1.

Because of the xorg-server update I had to update the nvidia driver as well from 185.18.29 to 190.42.

Ever since the upgrade if I resume from suspend on my laptop, after the resume, the screen is just black with the occasional quick grey flash. I can switch to console with Crtl-Alt-F1, but the console does the same thing. The only way to get the screen back is to kill the X server with ctrl-alt-backspace. When I do this, is restarts X, and the screen works again, but that sort of defeats the purpose of suspend.

I'm not sure if the new xserver or the new nividia driver is to blame :(

Attached is my bug report.

_john_i_ 01-04-10 11:04 AM

Re: Resume from Suspend problems since 190.42
If anyone is interested, the combination of 2.6.32 and nvidia 195.30 has fixed my suspend problem! :)

My backlight controls also are working now.

Not sure if the kernel or the nividia driver fixed it, but with these fixes and the 2D performance increase, so far 195.30 is a huge improvement improvement for me. Thanks!

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