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Armed_Baboon 11-05-09 06:47 PM

Logitech diNovo Cordless Mini Keyboard
Got me one of these:
My review:

It's basically a full function qwerty keyboard, track-pad and MC remote all in one. I have my main gaming/study/web surfing PC linked to my 50" plasma via a 10 metre HDMI cable, so if I want to type an email on my pc I just go and sit down at the desk with a proper keyboard, mouse and LCD monitor. SO this device is perfect for me because it's certainly not as comfortable and easy to use as a full keyboard and mouse, but it's perfect for launching videos and games and web browsing from the couch, and when it's not in use, it's small enough to not look out of place among your TV/AV remote controls.

The keyboard is great - you use it like a blackberry and type with your thumbs - it's fine for entering urls etc. The track-pad is not as good as most laptops but you get used to it pretty quick and there is software to increase the mouse speed with the device. You can pretty much lie on the couch and navigate your PC easily.
if you flick a little switch the track pad turns into a 4-way dpad, for navigating blue ray menus and media centre easily. The dpad can be a bit unresponsive at times - it's not flawless. This is a similar issue with the track-pad, it can be a bit unresponsive at times, especially if you use your thumb. it works much better with a finger but using a finger is a bit awkward.

Overall it's the perfect piece of kit to have complete control over your pc from the couch. It's fine for every function except typing long emails. I wouldn't use it for gaming either, but I haven't tried.

The range is quite good - my pc is in the study which is seperated from the lounge by louvred french doors, and I'm a good 6 metres away and it still works fine.


bacon12 11-06-09 06:40 AM

Re: Logitech diNovo Cordless Mini Keyboard
Very cool indeed, only wish it were cheaper.

crainger 11-06-09 03:11 PM

Re: Logitech diNovo Cordless Mini Keyboard
They are cheap. I got one for 120AUD.

I agree with the Baboons review. Battery life is amazing too. I have a Harmony 1000, but the mini is so much better for MCE. Especially when you want to jump out of MC and watch a little ABC iView.

Armed_Baboon 11-08-09 11:23 PM

Re: Logitech diNovo Cordless Mini Keyboard
One problem I have found is that the lid thing gets in the way when you are lying on the couch. The lid obstructs your view of the screen while you are operating the keyboard, so you have to hold it down low, instead of right at eye level. this is only a problem when you are lying on the couch on your back facing the tele, which is my default position.

crainger 11-08-09 11:26 PM

Re: Logitech diNovo Cordless Mini Keyboard
The lid is a little see through, but yeah. Would be nice if you could pop the lid off as you saw fit. Or even have it show hold fold away under the keyboard.

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