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JackieBrown 11-10-09 05:41 AM

HDMI - Does that mean audio?
If a nvidia card comes with an HDMI connection, does that mean that that HDMI out will carry audio as well?

I tried looking at newegg but there are no audio specs for any of the HDMI nvidia cards that I looked at. (I am looking at stand alone cards.)

I know this is a stupid question but both answers seem equally obvious to me.

JackieBrown 11-10-09 06:55 AM

Re: HDMI - Does that mean audio?
I think I have my answer

Sazar 11-10-09 03:42 PM

Re: HDMI - Does that mean audio?

Originally Posted by JackieBrown (Post 2120804)

Yep :)

Fwiw, I think pretty much every motherboard nowadays has an optical output so, if your card doesn't do audio over hdmi, go ahead and grab an optical cable and run that to your receiver/tv and you are set.

On my HTPC, that is exactly what I do :)

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