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punkbot 11-10-09 11:33 PM

Ubuntu 9.10 new install w/ 8800GTS - problems running X
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I had been running 9.04 on the same hardware using the 185 drivers installed via the Ubuntu tools. I recently performed a complete reinstallation and cannot get any nvidia driver working. They all exhibit problems commonly reported with 9.10 specifically flashing or blank X screens, trashed text and in my case, severe frame buffer damage (garbage in rect regions). Sometimes I cannot even get to a TTY and have to reboot or ssh into the box (this works just fine). Install log and bug report attached.

I've tried all the stuff out there including reconfiguring, reinstalling, rebuilding xserver-xorg and have built the drivers by hand, used the Ubuntu tools as well as Envy - all to the same end. I'm beginning to think I've got bad hardware. Is there some way to determine this?

These logs show a custom kernel, I tried tweaking 2.6.31 to no avail, the same thing happens consistently with the official Ubuntu version. Might I need to rewind my kernel back to 14 or 28?

I should mention I've tried all of the 177, 185 and 190 driver versions, none work.


BoscoBearbank 11-15-09 12:08 PM

Re: Ubuntu 9.10 new install w/ 8800GTS - problems running X
I've got an HP Pavilion SLimline with on-board GeForce 9100 graphics. I had some issues with Ubuntu 9.10, but none with a newly-installed Mint 8 rc1 (which is based on Ubuntu 9.10). Don't know if this would work for you. It would be easy enough to uninstall the custom Mint apps, if desired.

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