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AndrewM 11-13-09 04:24 PM

Black window on XV output
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Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic
Video: nVidia GF 9600GT 512Mb
I tried the drivers 185.18.36 and 190.42 which were installed via "Hardware drivers" (jockey-gtk)
I have problem with XV output -- black window instead of picture.
Composite and VDPAU works fine, but XV doesn't. This is not mediaplayer problem, because I've tried players with different engines -- xine, mplayer, gstreamer.
How to fix this?

bdforbes 12-23-09 06:36 PM

Re: Black window on XV output
Have you tried switching to another tty and then back again? That sometimes fixes a problem like yours that I used to get. Ctrl-Alt-F3, Ctrl-Alt-F7.

Stephen Warren 01-04-10 12:17 PM

Re: Black window on XV output
Try resetting the Xv color adjustments; run nivida-settings, go to the "X Server XVideo Settings" page, and try "Reset to HW defaults", or manually adjusting the sliders.

martini 10-11-10 08:08 PM

Re: Black window on XV output
thank you! that solved my problem which i had during the last half year!

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