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_john_i_ 11-14-09 12:56 PM

Script to help those with no laptop backlight control
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I like many others have a laptop with no backlight brightness control on Linux.
Even the smartdimmer app doesn't work for me.

For those situations where lighting in the environment around me requires me to adjust brightness I have written this script to adjust the color correction brightness setting in the nvidia-settings program.

It is not as nice as it would to be able to truly control the backlight brightness, but it does give me some relief when I need it.

Just uncompress: "gunzip NvidiaBrightness.gz".

To increase the brightness a notch:
NvidiaBrightness --increase

To decrease the brightnes a notch:
NvidiaBrightness --decrease

You can also use the kde/gnome/xfce key binding settings, or xbindkeys to make it run "NvidiaBrightness --increase" when you hit the fn-brightness up key and "NvidiaBrightness --decrease" when you hit the fn-brightness down key to be able to hot-key adjust it.

Hopefully someone else here can benefit from my script as well.

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