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ragejg 06-30-03 08:07 AM

RSS / AvantGo ??? portable nvnews?
Somehow I try to stay organized.

It doesn’t work.

Oh well.

I do, however, have a Handspring Treo90 handheld that I use. Or try to… yeah, I’m more organized now… sure…

AvantGo is great. I sync a couple times a day and get quite a few updates…

All I’ve found for RSS in the hardware field so far (I haven’t looked very hard) is OverclockedCafe and GideonTech. Decent sites, plenty o info, even some pics…

Now, what I wanna ask (and maybe this has been asked before) is: does nvnews have RSS feed support at all? Can palm users get a mini version of nenvews somehow (I converted the front page once and it didn’t work too good)??

Better yet, is there any way to sync the forum itself?

That’s probably an outlandish question, but heck, wouldn’t that be cool?

Any other nvnews members with Palm OS handhelds? Or even PocketPC?

Any answers/questions/comments?

The Baron 06-30-03 10:13 AM

Someone was working on RSS support a month or so back--use the search button, Luke ;)

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