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tzp 11-19-09 01:56 PM

Low power mode possible ?
When the monitor is put into standby (DPMS), the card doesn't seem to consume less power, at least there's no noticable decrease in core temperature queried by nvidia-settings.
(I query the temp. periodically via a script and store it in a file)
It stays around 62 Celsius.

I have a desktop machine with 8500 GT but I guess this problem is general.

Power savings settings has On-demand VBlank Interrupts checked, Powermizer tab says adaptive clocking enabled.

Is there any way to put the card to really low-power mode ? Is there some X call for that ?
It would be nice... why consume power when no display output is needed.

whig 11-20-09 01:39 AM

Re: Low power mode possible ?
It's scriptable, adjust to your underclock frequencies.

nvidia-settings -a GPUOverclockingState=1 -a GPU2DClockFreqs=300,400 -a GPU3DClockFreqs=300,400

tzp 11-22-09 09:24 AM

Re: Low power mode possible ?
Thanks for the hint.
Nevertheless, it doesn't seem to matter for my card, the GPU core temp. doesn't go really under 60 C even when clocks set to the minimum 125,125.

Some observations:
- At least on the 8500GT, the 2D and 3D GPU and memory clock frequencies are tied together.
- The auto-detect clock frequencies in nvidia-settings is worth running, it promoted by card from the default 500,400 to 560,540. Cool.

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