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fred9000 11-27-09 05:23 PM

hello everyone :)

i bought a evga geforce 240 gt for my htpc but i find the heatsink very crapy , the temp on card is 40 c in idle and rise 70c and just in watching full hd on my 42 inch

i have a thermalright hr-03 rev A in the box and i though i could put it on this card .... with a low speed 92mm fan

do you think it is doable? or a good silent alternative


XDanger 11-27-09 08:17 PM

Re: advice
Try it.#

Its quite a new card so you're the only one who might know if it'll work. :)

Should do though, Its a re-vamped 8800gt right???

Use a 120mm fan, 240 is quite stubby.

#(My asterisk doesnt work).or safer to keep googling every day to see if they work as a combo


sharangad 11-28-09 06:22 AM

Re: advice

Originally Posted by XDanger (Post 2132311)
Try it.#
Should do though, Its a re-vamped 8800gt right???

It's a new 40 nm chip with a 128 bit bus and GDDR5 (or GDDR3), assuming this is the GT240. It performs at around the 9600 GT levels falling behind at higher resolutions.

I have on in my HTPC, let me check its temps at load.

[EDIT] Yup, it hits 70 Celsius at load.

fred9000 11-28-09 12:26 PM

Re: advice
thanks for answers , i manage to put a bigger hs from my 9600gt and the temp now a full hd movie is 53 c and 30c idle :)
but it is to noisy

i am going to try my hr03 with a fan and let you know how it work...

fred9000 11-28-09 05:03 PM

Re: advice
good news

i have manage to install the hr-03 rev a on the 240gt

and i did 26c idle with a low speed 80mm :)
39c load

so it can probably do much better in fanless than the stock solution

i hope it can help somebody


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