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backseat 12-02-09 03:34 PM

Text distortion with 6150 SE and 190.42 drivers
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Summary: I have screen distortion that affects only, or mostly, fonts.

System: MSI Media Live with embedded GeForce 6150 LE running Debian
Lenny with nVidia drivers 190.42 to a Iiyama monitor running at

To reproduce problem: log in, type Alt-F2 to display the "Run
application" dialog box (see http://midnighthax.com/runapp1.png). Notice that the
"Run with file", "Cancel" and "Run" buttons are all distorted.

Tab to change the focus to the "Run with file" button. Notice that the
distortion on this button and the "Run" button has now gone

Tab to change focus to the "Cancel" button and notice that the
distortion has now gone on that button (http://midnighthax.com/runapp4.png).

Tab to return the focus to the command line at the top and notice that
the "Cancel" button is now distorted again (http://midnighthax.com/runapp5.png).

Finally tab to focus on the "Run with file" button and the "Run"
button becomes distorted (http://midnighthax.com/runapp6.png).

Attached: nvidia-bug-report.log.gz
Screenshots were too big to attach, so links provided in text.

Happy to provide more information, run tests, etc.


Plagman 12-03-09 02:48 PM

Re: Text distortion with 6150 SE and 190.42 drivers
Hi backseat,

Does this problem go away if you disable the GlyphCache using `nvidia-settings -a GlyphCache=0`?

backseat 12-03-09 03:07 PM

Re: Text distortion with 6150 SE and 190.42 drivers
No, it doesn't. Just to be sure I've understood you correctly, I opened a terminal window and typed:

nvidia-settings -a GlyphCache=0

which responded with

Attribute 'GlyphCache' (hostname:10.0) assigned value 0.

(where "hostname" is the name of the host)

Unfortunately the problem remains.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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