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pataphysician 12-04-09 01:54 PM

Wierd problem with hulu after bios update on 8300IGP
This isn't really a bug, but a strange occurrence which maybe someone out there will know why this happened.

I was on ubuntu 8.10 using drivers direct from Nvidia, not the Nvidia drivers in the repository, and everything worked pretty much ok since mid 180 series, and I had used some 185 as well.

I did a completely clean install of ubuntu 9.10 in a new partition, everything seemed to be working fine, my only issue was more tearing in hulu fullscreen than in 8.10, but I don't really watch hulu in fullscreen on this machine so I didn't really care. Hulu worked well non fullscreen as did Hulu desktop, youtube and most flash videos. I'm using the 185.18.36 drivers from the ubuntu repository.

Then I noticed some subtle Xwindows problems, gnome panel weather icon disappearing, very occasional mouse pointer jumping, one website in firefox, the hover over text box wouldn't leave an unupdated space after it was gone. Evolution, which I keep minimized, would once a day, be a totally blank window when restored, and I would have to force quit, and my gwibber-daemon would segfault once a day(this was consistant for 2 weeks for both evolution and qwibber) . While it was possible these were due to the nvidia driver or new xorg, I was thinking that it could be a subtle hardware problem. There were numerous updates for my bios, since the last update I did, though most were to support newer processors, I decided to update my bios. After the bios update all these issues were fixed.

But strangely now hulu desktop and hulu site don't work so well, in hulu desktop I get artifacts even in the non video part of the interface and when the menu and such are up I get flickering. In both the browser and hulu desktop the video is quite strange, as if it has been super sharpened along the edges that move. All other flash video work as good or better than before, my wine games all play fine and everything else is great.

Any Ideas why hulu would be so screwed up? it makes no sense to me.

pataphysician 12-07-09 01:52 PM

Re: Wierd problem with hulu after bios update on 8300IGP
Fixed the problem by going back one bios revision.

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